10 America’s Got Talent Winners And Where They Are Now

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America’s Got Talent has been on our screens for years now, delighting us with all sorts of weird and wonderful acts. From singers to ventriloquists and dancing dogs, there’s something new every time. What happens when the show ends, though? Have you ever wondered what happens to the acts after they step off the stage? Join us as we take a look at 10 America’s Got Talent winners, and where they are now.

Number 10: Bianca Ryan
Number 9: Neal E. Boyd
Number 8: Michael Grimm
Number 7: Landau Eugene Murphey Jr
Number 6: Olate Dogs
Number 5: Kenichi Ebina
Number 4: Mat Franco
Number 3: Paul Zerdin
Number 2: Darcy Lynne Farmer
Number 1: Shin Lim

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