10 People Who Survived The Impossible

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The will to survive is strong in these people. Today we will be looking at 10 amazing people who survived the impossible. Stay tuned for number one. This guy must by the unluckiest person that ever lived.

Number 10. Aaron Ralston When faced with a life and death situation, what will you be willing to do just to give you a better chance for survival? Would you be willing to give an arm or a leg? Our first entry on this list took this expression quite literally, but he was able to survive the impossible in the process. While climbing Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon, Aron Ralston found himself in a nearly impossible situation as a boulder came free, crashing down upon him and pinning his hand and forearm. The climber made considerable effort to pull free, remaining pinned beneath the rock for 5 days before he recognized that he had no choice but to do something drastic as he was out of supplies and would quickly succumb to dehydration. It was then that Ralston made a choice many struggle to truly understand, amputating his own right hand armed with nothing but a multitool. In order to do so, he had to first break the bone, then cut through the skin and tendons to free himself. His will to survive was strong enough, he found the courage to make a major sacrifice, but this courage saved his life.

Number 9. The Stella Maris Rugby Team Technically speaking, it’s definitely safer to travel via airplane rather than by driving your car, however, there are certain people that are still terrified to fly, and with good reason. Plane crashes, when it doesn’t kill you outright, can put you in a situation wherein survival can be impossible. What should have been a routine flight to attend a rugby match turned into a harrowing even for the Stella Maris College rugby team when the plane they were on crashed into a snow-covered mountain October 12, 1972. A total of 17 people were killed instantly or died within minutes, but the worst wasn’t over for the survivors. Stranded on the mountainside, they were forced to survive in freezing conditions with no shelter and very little food. Using what they could of the mangled fuselage, they huddled together while waiting to be rescued. Unfortunately, the harsh conditions, as well as an avalanche, would claim the life of another 10, and the survivors were even forced to eat the flesh of their deceased teammates to survive. After a total of 60 days on the mountain, the 2 fittest survivors braved a 12-day trek to seek help, saving those who remained. A total of 16 of the 45 people on the flight survived.

Number 8. Truman Duncan Getting hit by a train is, most of the time, a sure fire way to get yourself killed. But, with the perfect combination of luck and happenstance, even getting run over by a speeding train can be survivable. In 2006 Truman Duncan was working the rail yards in Cleburne, Texas when he was swept underneath a moving train. The rail car dragged Duncan a total of 75 feel, and his lower body was so mangled that he was nearly cut in half at the waist. Somehow, the man not only managed to stay focused and conscious, he actually made the call to 911 himself from his cell phone. Duncan’s injuries required a total of 23 surgeries over a 6-week period, costing him both legs and one of his kidneys, but he lived to tell the tale.

Number 7. Anatoli Bugorski Most people think that it’s the blue collar jobs that are dangerous, nobody thinks that being a physicist can be a perilous trade as well. Russian physicist Anatoli Bugorski highlighted the incredible dangers faced by scientists due to the equipment that they are handling on a regular basis. While checking out a piece of malfunctioning equipment Bugorski was struck in the head with a beam from the largest Soviet particle accelerator. While experts report that 1000 rads is enough power to kill pretty much anyone that comes in contact with it, the particle beam that struck Bugorski measured at approximately 200,000 rads! Miraculously, the beam missed his brain stem damaging only a small portion of his brain and paralyzing the left side of his face. In fact, in time his brain actually began to recover from the injury developing new neuron pathways. When all was said and done, he lost none of his intellectual capacity and returned to work a year and a half later.

Number 6. Mauro Prosperi

Number 5. Vesna Vulovic

Number 4. Robert Evans

Number 3. Greg Rasmussen

Number 2. Carlos Rodriguez

Number 1. Frane Selak

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