11 BIGGEST Catches Of All Time!

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From enormous sharks, to impressive Marlin, join me as I show you the biggest catches of all time.

11 Yellowfish Tuna

Tuna is a fish that many eat with great joy. But let me ask you, do you know how big they can get? The answer is that they can get quite large, especially if they’re Yellowfin Tuna. This was proven in force by fisherman Mike Livingston and Guy Yocum . Who showed via their catches that they can get huge and weigh over 400 pounds. And they are tasty!

#10 Blue Marlin (Unofficial)

When it comes to “big catches”, just about every fisherman worth his salt has a “it was this big!” story, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow them to have those stories! But, when an actual true story comes along, and then gets ignored because of minor issue? That is sad, and it’s not to be ignored.

#9 Swordfish

There are sometimes creature that we don’t know what to make of, and Swordfish are definitely one of those creatures of nature where don’t know why it was created to look like that. Regardless of the how and whys, it exists in the oceans, and fisherman have tried to catch the biggest and best ones, and to many fishermen, Swordfish are some of the best fish “trophies” you can catch. But the honor of biggest catch goes to a legendary man named Louis Marron.

#8 Tiger Sharks

People often forget that sharks are a fish, they’re just a fish that is massive, and aggressive at times, and aren’t afraid to eat just about anything in sight should the opportunity arise. So though they are feared, they’re also seen as a prize, especially to fisherman who are brave enough to go after them. Because catching a shark means you have some serious strength and guile.

#7 Bluefish Tuna

Caught In Nova Scotia on October 26th, 1979, Ken Fraser caught a Bluefish Tuna that weighed in at an incredible 1496 pounds. That’s right, this singular tuna almost weighed a ton and a half! But what a catch it was, and it’s a world record in terms of the biggest Bluefish Tuna ever caught.

#6 Alligator Gar

No, not an alligator, an Alligator Gar. Yes, this is a real kind of fish, and it’s one that can get quite big as one Bill Valverde found out back in 1951. He was actually fishing out on the Rio Grande river in Texas when he got a bite from a 279 pound beat of an Alligator Gar.

#5 Black Marlin

One of the most popular fisheries out there by far is Marlin fishing. These massive creatures aren’t just big, they’re heavy, and fisherman actually created special chairs for their boats so that they could sit in them as they fought the Marlins for sometimes hours on end just in the hopes of catching one. Then, when they do, they typically like to mount them on their walls as trophies. Plus, they KNOW that if they catch one, they made an effort.

#4 Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is one of the “revered species” of fish in the world. It’s one that many fishing competitions are held for. So if you’re watching a fishing competition on TV, many times you’ll see it’s for Largemouth Bass.

#3 Striped Bass

When it comes to hunting “big game”, or even game of any kind that requires serious effort, there are certain species that hold a certain place in the hearts of those who go after them. When it comes to the world of fish, the Striped Bass is just that. It’s basically the holy grail, or at least, the record of being catch of a Striped Bass is. The fish has actually gotten a cult around it more or less, as the group is the most passionate about not just catching the Striped Bass, but breaking the world for it.

#2 Catfish

Catfish are a very interesting breed of fish, and they’re ones that fishermen really enjoy catching for one reason or another, and yeah, they can get really, REALLY, big.
For proof of this, you need only look at the giant “Grizzly” of a Catfish that was caught in Thailand in 2005. This Catfish was so huge that it actually took multiple fishermen to bring it in.

#1 Great White Sharks

Many shark species nowadays are actually protected under fish and game laws. But, that doesn’t mean that before the laws many fisherman didn’t try and catch them. That includes the legendary Great White Shark. Despite their aggressive nature and incredible power, there have been many fisherman who have caught one over the years.

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