9 People You Don’t Want to Mess With

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There are certain people you don’t want to mess with – they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away. Such people are usually admired – from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?

Giga Uguru – Fitness and Martial Artist
Shi Yan Ming – Shaolin Monk
Meena Raghavan – Kalaripayatti Martial Artist
Vito Pirbazari – BodyBuilder, Actor
Mindy Kelly – Martial Artistist, Stuntwoman
Ingun Yoo – Extreme Martial Artist
J.D. Anderson – Strongman
Lukas Novotny – Archer
Danyela D’Angelo – Shooter

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