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School Classroom

New FAIR Cost Study: Biden Immigration Policies Impose Crushing Burden on Already-Strained Schools

Biden immigration policies impose crushing burden on already-strained schools FAIR report finds requiring annual expenditure of $78 billion.
Heroin/fentanyl packages seized by DEA agents.

Officials warn ‘rainbow fentanyl’ coming from southern border, could be mistaken for candy or...

DEA officials warn that "rainbow fentanyl" is spreading throughout the West Coast and could be mistaken for candy or chalk by kids.
Crime Scene

Rotten Apple: New York City Named America’s Most Dangerous Sanctuary Community

New York City has been deemed “America’s Most Dangerous Sanctuary Community” in a report issued by Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI).
Supreme Court

What If Biden Defies Supreme Court Order Upholding Remain in Mexico?

If Biden and Border Patrol refuse to enforce court ordered Remain in Mexico, injured citizens are being deprived of equal protection of law.
Illegal Aliens

Biden’s Policies Fueled One Million New Illegal Aliens and Added Nearly $10 Billion in...

(April 27 2022, Washington, D.C.) — A new analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that during the first year of the...

How The Biden Administration Is Aiding And Abetting The Biggest Border Fraud In U.S....

America was weathering greatest border crisis in history when Biden announced last day of Covid-related public health order Title 42 will be May 23.
Defend Arizona: We Will Do What Washington Will Not

Defend Arizona: We Will Do What Washington Will Not

Introduction: The ongoing border crisis is nothing less than a national security and humanitarian disaster. In 2021 alone, Customs and Border Protection apprehended nearly two...

Administration Fears Post-Title 42 Onslaught at the Southwest Border

If apprehensions rise to 18,000 a day once Title 42 ends, the U.S. will have no borders and will cease being a “nation state” or a nation.
Mitch McConnell and Republicans

Primer: Top Ten Reasons To Oppose The Omnibus

Summary Congress is approaching yet another of its self-imposed funding deadlines to keep the federal government “open.” Having passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) in February,...
Rescue America with Rck Scott

Rescue America: 11 Point Plan

https://youtu.be/8egIbNtVlh0 Dear Fellow Americans, The militant left now controls the entire federal government, the news media, academia, Hollywood, and most corporate boardrooms – but they want more....
U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Illegal Immigration as a Black Market

Economists have long known how to solve the problem of illegal immigration into the US. Our principals have been aware of the solution for more...

Biden Admin Expands Remain-in-Mexico Program to San Diego

The Biden administration expanded the Trump-era “remain-in-Mexico” policy to San Diego, California, on Monday, complying with a federal court order even as it continues...

More Prefer Republicans To Win Control Of The House And Senate

More Prefer Republicans To Win Control Of The House And Senate, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 68% Say Higher Prices Are Changing Spending Habits With...
What's in Biden's $6 trillion budget

Tracking Biden’s Socialist Big Government Proposals

Look at how Biden Regime’s budget busting reconciliation hurts the economy, families and individuals and why we can't raise the debt ceiling.