A Doggies Delight: Bruski Burgers & Brew has Woof Wednesdays

Bruski Burgers & Brew's Woof Wednesday
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Bruski Burgers & Brew in Scripps Ranch is going to the dogs but only on Wednesday. Owner Omar Abdullah opened his patio to man’s best friend on what he dubbed, Woof Wednesdays.

It’s been a howling hit with dogs and customers alike. As with many dog owners, Abdullah likes to have an occasional nosh with his canine pal, and thought his customers might enjoy that too. So he dedicated one day a week to his customers and their dogs.

Dogs are a passion for the Bruski Burgers & Brew owner; he enjoys seeing his customers and their dogs having a good time together.

“We have two patios for the dogs and their owners to hang out and enjoy dinner,” says Abdullah. “We sometimes don’t give our pets enough credit for all the joy they bring into our lives. So I created Woof Wednesdays so we could all have lunch or dinner together.”

Combining his love for animals and his affection for the community Abdullah created a Charity Of The Month connected to Woof Wednesdays.

“On Woof Wednesdays each time a customer dines with us, our server will identify the check and saves a copy for me,” says Abdullah. “Then at the end of the month I’ll tally up all the totals of all the checks identified as Woof Wednesdays checks. Then I will donate 10 % of that total to the charity of the month.

“My father owned the restaurant before me and he was very involved in the community, and I wanted to do the same. Whether it’s a Little League, a high school, or an Animal Rescue Center I love to give back.”

Bruski Burgers & Brew
Bruski Burgers & Brew

Traci Wilkerson, founder of Traci’s Paws is a big fan of Woof Wednesdays. Her organization was one of the first to be dubbed, Charity Of The Month.

“We were chosen as Woof Wednesdays Charity Of The Month for April and again in May,” says Wilkerson. “Our non profit received $200, and it was really appreciated. For a non-profit like ours every donation means a lot. We’re an all-volunteer base operation.  Donations like Omar’s Woof Wednesdays helps us keep our website up and that allows us to assist other homeless pets.”

Wilkerson had heard through the grapevine about the dog friendly café so she and her two pooches gave Woof Wednesday a try. She had no idea that her non-profit would end of on the receiving end of the venues charity.

When we came in, we loved how everyone came out to greet our two pups and quickly made sure that they had water and immediately took our drink order, says Wilkerson. “The service throughout our visit was impeccable. Food came out quickly despite there being a crowd, and it was really good! They have vegetarian options, which make me happy, and they still have a good variety of things to eat.”

To better cater to his canine clientele, Abdullah is canvasing customers for ideas regarding what kind of doggie snacks and treats they would like to see offered on Woof Wednesdays.

“We are looking into some healthy items for the dogs,” says Abdullah. “What we offer now is our hormone and antibiotic free burger and chicken patty. A lot of our guests ask us to cook one up for their puppies. We can do a full or half chicken breast and cut it up into little bite-size nibbles.

“We are in the process of revising our menu to include a variety of healthier options for dogs and their human companions. I am also looking into dog friend ice cream.

“This restaurant has been here for eight years now and I’ve owned it since September of 2017,” says Abdullah. “All of our are hamburger is delivered fresh, three times a week.  Our French fries are however bagged, but that may soon change.

“Our Poway location started doing fresh cut French fries and the customers love them, in fact they’re absolutely raving about them. So I’m looking into doing that here as well.”

Voted Best Burger In Scripps Ranch and Poway for 2018 by the San Diego Tribune. This comfort food emporium also offers 25 craft beers and 12 brands of wine. All this and your favorite sports on flat screen HD TV’S. Bruski Burgers & Brew’s Scripps Ranch location is 9844 Hibert Street, suite G-10. Woof Wednesday is open for lunch and dinner. The Poway location is at 12622 Poway Road.

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