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Far too often we hear stories about babies abandoned or killed by their own mothers. Safe Haven Laws gives mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy another choice.

According to Wikipedia, Safe-haven laws are statutes in the United States that decriminalize the leaving of unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state.

Currently, all 50 states have safe haven laws on the books, varying between the age limit, persons who may surrender a child, and circumstances required to relinquish an infant child. In most cases, parents can leave newborns in safe locations without having to disclose their identity or without being asked questions.

As an example, the California’s Safe Haven law (2001) allows for the anonymous surrender of babies at hospitals within 72 hours of birth without criminal prosecution. It also provides for a 14-day period in which the mother may change her mind and reclaim her baby. … More than 20 babies have been turned in statewide.Nov 29, 2002.

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