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PragerU has launched The Candace Owens Show featuring in-depth conversations with fascinating guests on a variety of topics. You can see the original new episodes every Sunday on PragerU.
During the Dennis Prager Fireside Chats, Dennis Prager talks about diverse topic such as gender identity, privacy, Anne Frank, character, new year resolutions and much more. A playlist of the Dennis Prager Fireside Chats can be watched below. Dennis Prager...
Will Witt from PragerU.com pounds the pavement to uncover perspectives on life, relationships, and politics through discussions with real American from around America.
PragerU 5-Minute Videos cover many diverse topics such as fairness, Margaret Thatcher, Enlightenment, Napoleon Bonaparte, Israel, History of Christmas and so much more.
PragerU is an online video resource promoting knowledge and clarity on life's biggest and most interesting topics. They gather some of the world's best thinkers and distill their best ideas into free, 5-minute videos on subjects from history and...
This playlist includes PragerU videos discussing economics including capitalism and socialism, the free market, the Green New Deal, healthcare and much, much more. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIBtb_NuIJ1w_5qAEs5cSUJ5Bk0R8QLaY About PragerU PragerU is an online video resource promoting knowledge and clarity on life's biggest and...
This video playlist gives answers to many of the questions asked about healthcare in America including government healthcare, Obamacare, free healthcare, health insurance, socialized medicine and more. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhKn8EXx_11DACCmisYGFYFQ4ApvnHeex https://www.thethinkingconservative.com/understanding-government-healthcare/