BIGGEST Animals That Were Ever Discovered!

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From the largest animals on Earth right now, to animals that used to live in the ancient world, join me as I tell you about 11 of the biggest animals ever found.

11. Spinosaurus
Around 105 million years ago roamed the largest carnivore of its time: the fearsome Spinosaurus. Named for the spines that protruded from this animal’s back, scientists debated on their purpose but they would have stuck out of the water like a fearsome fin while swimming.

10. Megalania
In the Outback of Australia during the Ice Age, there was an Apex Predator so feared that it became a part of the legends of the land, this creature was the Megalania. The Megalania was a monitor lizard, one that was bigger than a crocodile, 23 feet long based on fossil findings.

9. Short-Faced Bear
Bears are massive creatures in their own right, for they can tower over most people and animals, but in terms of the biggest ones that ever existed, that would be the Short-Faced Bear. these bears stood over 13-feet-tall when on its back legs, which is three feet taller than the biggest bears in the world today.

8. Argentinosaurus
Another contender for largest animal to roam the Earth is the mighty Argentinosaurus, the largest discovered dinosaur. Living in South America nearly 100 million years ago, these herbivores could have been up to 70 feet tall, 115 feet long, and around 85 tonnes.

7. Paraceratherium
In the world today, one of the biggest animals around is the elephant. Elephants weigh many tons and can be over 20 feet tall. But back in ancient times, there was a creature that was much bigger than it. This, was the Paraceratherium.

6. Rhamphosuchus
In the modern world, crocodiles have been documented to be pretty long, with many getting over 20 feet in length. But long ago, in the prehistoric world, when things were very different, there was a crocodile species that was able to get much longer than that, the Rhamphosuchus. To be clear, the fossil record for the Rhamphosuchus is a bit incomplete.

5. Titanoboa
In the tropics of Northern Columbia, bones were found for a snake, but not just any snake, the bones they found ended up being around 48 feet in length once all put together. This, was the discovery of the Titanoboa, the biggest snake to have ever lived.

4. Megalodon
In ancient times, there was a single shark that dominated the world, and that was the Megalodon. One of the reasons the Megalodon dominated its era was because of its size. It could be up to 60 feet long (and some believe even more than that), and weighed up to 34 metric tons, making it one of the largest predators to ever roam in the waters of our world, regardless of the time period.

3. Giganotosaurus
The appropriately named Giganotosaurus was so large that is was one of the only predators that dared to hunt the even larger Argentinosaurus, across South America. Larger than even the mighty Tyrannosaurus, the Giganotosaurus was able to grow up to 43 feet long and weighed close to 14 tons.

2. Titanosaurus
When I tell you to picture a dinosaur, what comes to your mind? Do you think about a T-Rex? A Triceratops? Stegosaurus? Velociraptor? Or, do you think about the herbivores like Brachiosaurus and others that have that lineage? While the T-Rex, Spinosaurus, and other meat eaters get the fame from various movies, it’s these “long necks” that were actually the biggest dinosaurs around by a wide margin.

1. Blue Whale
In terms of the biggest living creature in the world today, the one that tops the list is the Blue Whale. The largest one ever recorded Blue Whale was around 112 feet, and the average for this whale species is about 100 feet, further cementing it as the largest creature on Earth.

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