Birth of a Black Rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo

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Eastern black rhino Seyia gave birth to a healthy calf last night at the Cincinnati Zoo! The long gestation period for this critically endangered species makes it difficult to grow the population, so this second calf for Seyia and dad Faru is a very big deal! Mom and baby are doing well and are bonding behind the scenes. We will be sure to share photos and videos here and will let you know when you’ll be able to see the baby outside.

According to Wikipedia, the gestation period for a black rhino is 15 months. The single calf weighs about between 80–110 lb (35–50 kilograms) at birth, and can follow its mother around after just three days. Weaning of a baby occurs at around 2 years of age for the offspring. The mother and calf stay together for 2–3 years until the next calf is born; female calves may stay longer, forming small groups. The young are occasionally taken by hyenas and lions. Sexual maturity is reached from 5 to 7 years old for females, and 7 to 8 years for males. The life expectancy in natural conditions (without poaching pressure) is from 35 to 50 years.

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