China Announced MOST DANGEROUS Military SHIP

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China’s huge navy tilts the balance in the Pacific. The Chinese fleet, which is growing faster than any other large fleet, now controls the seas off its coast. The once-dominant US and its allies swim cautiously in these waters. A former US naval officer says China’s successes have left America dormant. In just over two decades, the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese army, has amassed one of the most powerful naval forces in the world. This increased Chinese firepower at sea – complemented by missile forces that now surpass U.S. forces in some areas – has changed the game in the Pacific.

Destroyers are the main weapon of the land of the rising sun The very word ‘Destroyer’ conveys destructive power, force, and strength. It is no surprise, therefore, when in naval terms, a destroyer is an extremely powerful warship which is meant to project power, perform complex missions and bring the enemy to their knees with its firepower. However, the destroyer didn’t start out as such. It was initially a small, fast, and maneuverable fleet escort ship termed as a torpedo boat destroyer, whose only role was to find and sink enemy torpedo boats.

In this video, we will show the ships that are already ready or will soon be ready to withstand the Chinese madness, as well as the most advanced and innovative technologies, bold and not fully tested solutions.

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