Chinese Regime Killed Falun Gong Adherent for His Liver, Witness Says

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A former Japanese criminal gang member said he was witness to China’s live organ trade, having seen an anesthetized Falun Gong adherent—with tendons cut to prevent his flight—shortly before the man was placed on an operating table to have his liver carved out.

That was in August 2008, when Ushio Sugawara, now 58, was still a member of the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi—Japan’s largest crime syndicate. He left the gang in 2015 and is now an economic commentator in Japan.

His friend’s brother was desperate for a new liver to sustain his life. With strict regulations, high costs, and long waiting times in the United States and France—two of the few countries offering liver transplant surgeries at the time—the struggling patient turned to what appeared to be his only alternative: China.

At the time, Beijing’s General Hospital of the Armed Police Forces, a state-run military hospital, had risen to become a national leader in liver transplant surgery.

A Chinese broker who facilitated medical tourism with Japan put the brother in touch with the Beijing hospital. Within a month, they had a suitable donor, telling the patient to fly over for surgery “anytime.” The cost was 30 million yen (roughly $255,000)—not yet half the price tags they saw in the United States and France.

‘Contribution Before His Death’

Sugawara, in an interview with The Epoch Times, recounted how he became involved after the family found that the quality of the hospital’s albumin, a protein produced by the liver that is infused during the surgery, wasn’t up to par. He helped them buy the solution in Japan to smuggle into Beijing, with the sanction of the Chinese hospital.

The day before the scheduled surgery, Sugawara visited the patient and learned that the donor was in the next room.

“Would you like to have a look?” suggested a Chinese doctor fluent in Japanese, drawing back the curtain to reveal a 21-year-old man. The man was unresponsive due to being anesthetized.

By Eva Fu

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