“Demeaning Of Life” By John Branyan

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Tolerance Will Fill You With Hate By John Branyan

Above Video: Tolerance will fill you with hate, we live in a time where people can’t laugh anymore, and everyone takes everything so seriously and everyone is so quick to be offended. John Branyan is here to alleviate some of that tolerance and bring a bright spot to your day.

The Weirdest Name For A City You’ve Ever Heard By John Branyan

The weirdest name for a city you’ve ever heard, might actually be the most awesome name for a city you’ve ever heard. A small town in Arkansas won the heart of John Branyan and he just might move there for all the awesome things he’d be able to say.

Three Little Pigs Like You’ve Never Heard Before By John Branyan

Three little pigs is a classic fairy tale, but when told in the language of William Shakespeare it becomes something completely different. Whether you have an extensive vocabulary or one with less words in your vernacular, you’re sure to enjoy this amazing story telling experience from John Branyan.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart