Doing good is important and there are many ways to help people

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Cartoons, movies and books teach us that doing good is important and necessary, but alas few people this lesson. We never have time to help someone in trouble and sometimes we just forget that there are many ways to help people and not necessarily financial. Today we will tell you about people who set a good example and make the lives of others a bit brighter and happier. Let’s get it on.

Earl Davis – Football Coach
Ian Levy – School Psychologist
Jose Vazquez – Doctor
Rodney Smith Jr – Lawn Care
Kim Williams Guillen – Ecologist
Pan Chieh – Maker of Dog Wheelchairs
Chris Robinson – Tsunami Survival Pod
Afroz Shah – Lawyer cleaned coasts and teaches others to recycle
Schinnell Leake – Birthday Parties for Orphans

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