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Laughing With Mayor Maxwell
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In Laughing with Mary, Mary offers her unique insights on aging and senior families. Mary says that she has realized over and over again that human beings, particularly women, have many more things in common than differences. And she said, “We have the same hopes and dreams and sorrows…and, overwhelmingly, the same love of chocolate.”

The dry humor and quick wit of Mary Maxwell has entertained millions over the years. Mary is known for her honest and humorous take on aging, as well as other life events. She has spoken at events ranging from the national Christ Child Society convention to the international Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) and American Society on Aging 2010 national conference. Mary says she has been lucky enough to have family, friends and co-workers “who are a lot funnier and brighter than I am and don’t mind me using their wonderful stories when I am speaking. At least, I don’t think they mind. I’m still here.”

Mary is the mother of five and grandmother of 12. When asked about her comedy, Mary says nobody gets through this life unscathed and if she can lighten the load for the people she meets for just a few minutes, that is a great satisfaction for her.

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