HUNGARY: A Virtual Trip to Budapest

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Take a virtual trip to Budapest Hungary and enjoy the most interesting sights of Hungary’s capital city. Budapest offers its visitors a great mix of rich history, magnificent architecture and old European charm.

Hungarian Palace (1:06) Kossuth Monument (3:20), (3:55) Ethnographical Museum (3:55) Chain Bridge Szechenyi (5:53) Royal Palace (9:41) Fountain “Children are fishing” (13:39) Statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy (14:09) Hungarian National Gallery (14:25) Fountain “The Hunt Of King Matthias”(18:41) Fisherman’s Bastion (19:32) Gallert Mountain (23:19) Erzhebet Bridge (25:49) Liberty Statue (28:54) Basilica of St. Stephen (31:09) Budapest Eye (33:40) Gresham Castle (35:10) Szentendre (36:12) Danube coast Szentendre (37:35) Monument to Adi Endre (43:04) Deak Ferenc Street (45:01) Statue of Winston Churchill (47:01) Museum of Hungarian agriculture (48:16) City Park Lake (50:58) Monument to the Millennium of Hungury (58:08)

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