Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius

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At age nine, Jaxon Cota was accepted into Mensa, a society for geniuses. His IQ puts him in the top two percent of the world, but despite his smarts, Jaxon isn’t rushing ahead.

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Inside the mind of Jaxon Cota an 11-year-old kid genius

The phrase ‘genius’ gets thrown around a lot these days and ahhh, what we would do to be considered a genius! Unfortunately, our intelligence and natural ability stops after the 3rd decimal of Pi – although we are exceptionally skilled in eating a yummy apple tart.

Throughout history, there have been obvious geniuses who have changed the course of the world. There was Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity. There was Michelangelo with his Sistine Chapel. There was Rene Descartes and his modern philosophy. And there was Leonardo Da Vinci and his renaissance inventions.

However, there is much more to being a genius than simply bringing something new and exciting to the table. To be classified as a genius, one must have a high intelligence quotient (IQ) – to be exact; one must have an IQ score of around 140/145 to be classified as a genius. So, let’s have a gander at some of these historical figures and their IQs: Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160, Michelangelo had an IQ of 177, Rene Descartes had an IQ of 180, and Leonardo Da Vinci had an IQ of 200.

You now might be thinking… “well, how the heck do we compete with that?” Well, it’s totally possible. Nowadays, the world is full of geniuses – but you might know them as MENSA members. MENSA is the world’s oldest and largest IQ society, and its members are some of the most intelligent people in the world, with IQs that score in the 98th percentile or more. Today, the world is made up of around 134,000 Mensans, and around 2,600 of those members are under the age of 18. Yep, you heard that right! In fact, one of the most prolific members of MENSA is just 11-years-old. So if you’ve ever fancied yourself or your child as a genius, take a look inside the mind of Jaxon Cota, an 11-year-old kid genius…

A genius

From the outside, Jaxon looks like your average kid. This little Texan loves to spend time outside, he enjoys playing Baseball, he watches cartoons, and he loves hanging out with his friends. However, Jaxon Cota is a little different to your average pre-teen. Yep, Jaxon Cota has become an internet sensation across the globe, as this little dude is a certified genius, and one of the youngest members of MENSA. We hate to say it, but there’s a high chance this 11-year-old is smarter than you (sorry, guys).

A member of MENSA

It’s no secret that some of the smartest men and women of history have been members of MENSA – an elite group of geniuses who have all proven they have impressive IQs. To become a member of MENSA, applicants needs to prove that they have an IQ score in the 98th percentile, which means they are in the top 2% of society. When he was just nine years old, Jaxon Cota was accepted into MENSA with an IQ of 148. Not that we’re jealous or anything *ahem*…

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