ISTANBUL – A Virtual Trip to the Heart of Turkey

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This walking tour takes you to the best destinations in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Explore wonderful aerial natural scenes and great historical and cultural landmarks. Visit the world of Old City – home to the most historic sites of this vibrant megalopolis. Istanbul is located on a peninsula pointing across the Bosphorus Strait to Asia, and it was formerly the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Discover Turkey’s rich culture, history, and architecture.

Welcome to the gateway to Europe and Asia, Istanbul city! Enjoy amazing aerial views of Bosporus (0:17) and walking ancient city walls in 4K! Theis 2-HOURS virtual trip will bring you to the most beautiful region of the city – Sultanahmet (9:03), will show lots of Denture Avrasya ships floating on the river (11:20), one of the ferry piers of Istanbul (25:51), Dolmabahce Saray, the palace of the Ottoman sultans (26:47, 48:17), Suzer Plaza Ritz-Carlton (27:03), and series of other skyscrapers in Zeytinburnu area (39:02), Hilton Hotel (46:54), and more! You can sit on the shore (40:37, 1:02:15) and enjoy the magical view of the Bosphorus and its charming lighthouses (53:34, 59:58). Admire fascinating bird’s eye views of Turkey’s history-rich Istanbul (1:03:05)! Typical buildings, architecture, bridges from above look unbelievable! Listen to the city sounds and cross the Bosporus with the seagulls (1:15:23)! You will have an opportunity to walk along the best promenade (33:39) and see a lot of local fishmen (35:35), stroll along the colorful local streets (1:38:29), and even take a boat tour the Bosphorus (33:04)! Experience really magical evening Istambul (1:41:56)! Discover Turkish national delicacies during your virtual walk! Dive into the maze of the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world (2:13:46)! You will find here everything: from handmade Turkish rugs to expensive jewelry and traditional dishes and spices. Go to the most popular landmarks such us Galata Tower (2:27:26) and learn amazing Turkish architecture! Enjoy amazing color spectrum and views of Bosphorus, sea strait between Blacksea and the Marmara Sea! Experience the heart of Istanbul with our 4K urban videos and don’t stop dreaming to visit the most beautiful city in Turkey!

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