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U.S. Elections on The Thinking Conservative website looks at election integrity, election legislation, voting reform and more.

Record number of Georgians cast ballots during early voting in wake of election integrity measures critics called “voter suppression”.
Have questions about 2000 Mules movie? Talk with Engelbrecht of True The Vote and Phillips of OPSEC Group about Dinesh D'Souza's movie.
Sen. Marco Rubio blamed Google for filtering emails to supporters as 90% of campaign emails with a Gmail address never reach their inboxes.
If America gives Democrats the "boot" from power this fall, we'd better elect real Conservatives, not RINOs, if we want real change.
Mostly blue states gained congressional seats The 2020 census made significant miscounts, with population numbers in six states being undercounted while eight states saw an overcount in population, based on data from a recently published U.S. Census Bureau report. Interestingly, five...
Election integrity group suing NJ SoS for violating NVRA by not disclosing how election officials resolve duplicate voter registrations.
The Georgia State Elections Board has not debunked any assertions made in the recently released “2000 Mules” documentary by Dinesh D'Souza.
Trevor Loudon said a network of voter registration organizations set up by the CPA in San Francisco, is a “front” organization for the CCP.
True the Vote has been investigating the illegal ballot harvesting that took place around the entire country during the 2020 election.
“The success of ‘2000 Mules’ on Rumble is a great sign for creators who do not want to be silenced or censored for their speech,” D’Souza said in a statement.
Catherine Engelbrecht talks about misleading WPo article “fact checking” “2000 Mules,” but she can prove everything in the film.
American voters casting ballots in the November midterm elections will vote largely on the basis of which candidates are toughest on China.
Early voting turnout in Georgia primary is trending higher than usual, but Republicans might sit out now and in Nov due to election integrity.
PILF filed HAVA Complaint against Minnesota SoS Steve Simon for failing to remove duplicate names from state’s voter roll as required by federal law.