Moms Tackling the Energy Crisis: On the Front Lines

Moms tackling the energy crisis
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In the about photos left to right: Ginette Macisaac, Jessica Willemsen, Tayna Gray, Simone Marler,  Nicollette Stanley, Anita Spence

Here is a great article by Tiernan McKay from She Knows Parenting about MOMs working in the energy industry! Read about six women who make a difference in the energy world:

Ginette Macisaac is the In-Situ Oil Sands Thermal Technology operations manager and mother of two.

Anita Spence is the Quest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project manager, a mother of three and grandmother of two.

Simone Marler is the tour manager and communications manager at the Muskeg River Mine and the mother of two grown children.

Nicolette Stanley is an environmental coordinator and is expecting her first child.

Tanya Gray is the Safety and Emergency Response manager at the Scotford Upgrader and mom to a 3-year-old son.

Jessica Willemsen is the Mine Shop manager at Shell’s Jackpine Mine and mother of two.

These days, it’s virtually impossible to claim ignorance when it comes to our energy crisis. While all forms of energy are needed to meet worldwide demand (natural gas, coal, renewables — including biofuels — and nuclear), oil is a crucial component of a long-term solution. Alberta sits upon proven reserves of 170 billion barrels of oil and Shell is working to responsibly extract these reserves — with the help of some very talented and dedicated moms. These women bring unique skill sets to this male-dominated industry, proving that there is no frontier a mom can’t conquer.

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