MVP: Merging Vets & Players

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Our nation’s warriors – from every field of battle – possess a sense of strength, of excellence, and of commitment that we seldom see here at home. However, far too many of them are struggling to transition their abilities towards a new mission – leading themselves, their families, and their communities off the field. MVP was designed to address this challenge, and ensure that all of our nation’s warriors can be as productive off the field as they were on it.

By merging vets and players, we create an environment where these warriors can share each other’s strength and experience, and can support each other in building fulfilling lives of service and strength. Your support will enable us to continue building our program, and unlocking the potential of these great individuals.

The Missions Statement of MVP

MVP or Merging Vets & Players has the mission of matching up combat veterans and former professional athletes — after the uniform comes off — to give the Pros and the Vets a new team to help them tackle the transition back to civilian life together. MVP shows Vets they are NOT alone.

The History of MVP

MVP was created by Jay Glazer and Nate Boyer in 2015 in order to address the important challenges veterans face as they transition from serving to civilian life outside of the service.

Jay Glazer has spent years working with warriors from within the ring and the gridiron, many of these men and women have also struggled to apply their skills beyond their field of battle. 

Nate Boyer is a U.S. Army Green Beret Veteran and former NFL athlete who played with the Seattle Seahawks. Living both lives as a veteran and former professional athlete, he brings years of paralleled experience for our members of the loss of identity, purpose, and community.

MVP or Merging Vets & Players was created to leverage Jay and Nate’s unique roles as they work with retiring Pro athletes, and our veterans who are transitioning to civilian life. By merging veterans and players, these warriors can benefit from each other’s strengths, experiences and their abilities to unlock each other’s full potential, while leading their families, communities and country towards a better future. Merging Vets and Players ensures these men and women know that the challenges they are facing are far more about who they are – Warriors – than what they did in the military or on the field.

“Both war fighters and football players need something to fight for once the uniform comes off, and your service to country or time on the field is over. Without real purpose for the man on your right and left, it can be easy to feel lost.”

— Nate Boyer, Combat Veteran, NFL Veteran + MVP Team Member

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