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Mark Meckler talks about calling a convention of states to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution to rein in federal government.
Trudeau being criticized for lack of decorum after video emerged of him singing Queen  while in London to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis activated the state National Guard in a bid to aid corrections officers amid staffing issues at prisons. The Department of Corrections “is authorized to employ over 20,000 correctional and correctional probation officers, almost a quarter of all state...
17 states follow CA’s rigid vehicle emission requirements instead of federal standards and are considering following CA in gas-powered vehicle ban.
Following California Air Resources Board rules to restrict sale of new gas cars in CA, WA, MA, and VI could implement similar measures.
Open The Books discloses details on California’s government spending, even when CA couldn’t provide transparent info about its spending to public.
Sherman Texas' success at luring new factories underscores how cities and towns across the country are enjoying a manufacturing renaissance.
Rep. Jackie Walorski was killed in a car crash on Aug. 3 local authorities and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed. She was 58.
When it comes to vaccine mandates, exemption laws, mask mandates, and personal freedoms, some states are better than others. Here's the top states.
DeSantis’s press secretary sent a message to liberal reporters who were not invited to a GOP convention in Florida, “Try crying about it.”
CA spent up $500 million on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in government, K-12 school districts, and higher ed in 2020 and 2022.
Texas’s main grid took emergency measures to avert rolling blackouts due to lack of power from wind turbines and poor solar power production.
Gov. DeSantis fired back at Gov. Newsom, saying the Democrat’s “terrible governance” was why Golden State was “​​hemorrhaging population.”
Independent CA truck owner-operators could be out of business under a new statewide worker classification law designating them as employees.