Truth or Consequences

Points: Truth or Consequences

White House Coronavirus Update Briefing with Anthony Fauci

Top Ten Quotes from the NYT Fauci Interview

New York Times published a piece containing some rather startling admissions, claims, and defenses from Anthony Fauci, the face of lockdowns and shot mandates.
Mad Magazine Woke

The Mad Mad World of Wokeism

You can't control chaos. Its a mad, mad, mad world of wokeism.
Socially Distance From Anti-Blackness

Social Distance From Anti-Blackness And Reparations – A Voice of Wisdom

Dilbert creator Scott Adams said "Rasmussen poll showing high level of Black racial animosity against Whites is the first opinion poll that has ever caused him to change his behavior."

Bill O’Reilly Gets Tucker Carlson’s Firing All Wrong

O’Reilly is one of the good guys but is in that class of people who remain in deep denial about what has happened and is continuing to happen to his country.
RINO Nancy Mace

Beware The Latest RINO Pro-Abort Scam

Nancy Mace insists Conservatives must find "middle ground" with the pro-abortion crowd, threatening that they will otherwise "lose huge" in the 2024 election.
UniParty Boiling the Voter Like Frogs

2024 Presidential State Of The Race Analysis: Deep State/UniParty Boiling the Voter Like Frogs

A walk through current status of candidates of both parties declared and yet to declare for 2024. The donor class is getting their chosen horses into position.
Laboratory Wombs

Sunday Thoughts: The Coming Depopulation Wars

Future population growth or decline is a complex issue. Some countries continue to experience rapid population growth, others are seeing a population decline.
Hold Fast

Truth Be Told Podcast: “Hold Fast” April 22, 2023

The Right Wire Report presents the Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons. The Truth Be Told Podcast discusses the important political and cultural issues of the week and...

Today’s Must Watch: What You Allow Is What Will Continue…

6-month-old is dead and his mother and siblings are severely injured as a result of a teens carjacking and joyriding. Teens are charged only witha misdemeanor.
Dr. Kat Lindley, a board-certified family physician based in Texas

EXCLUSIVE: COVID Response Aimed to Impose Control on Population: Physician, Refugee From Communist Country

A physician who fled communist Yugoslavia perceived the COVID-19 pandemic from a doctor’s perspective, and as someone who grew up under communism.
1984 Media Lies

Pentagon Leaks Deep Dive: Government Lies The Media Pushes and Defends

The country and the world has been let in on the depth of deception the U.S. Government has engaged in about Putin, Zelensky, NATO, and the Russia/Ukraine war.
Planned Parenthood Sign

The Abortion Pill: Should the Government Allow It or Ban It?

The last time you drove past an abortion clinic, did you think about the unborn babies who's opportunity for life has been taken away?...