Truth or Consequences

Points: Truth or Consequences

American Communist

What Will You Do For Freedom?

” The right don’t love freedom as much as the communists hate freedom.” Recently conservative talk radio show host, Jesse Kelly had some profound insight while chatting...

Destigmatizing the ”Social Stigma,” and Revealing the Cruelty of ”Inclusion”

Wall Street Journal demanded that you “Stop Telling Everyone What You Do for a Living,” stating you talking about your job can hurt someone’s feelings.
Water Color Eagle

Truth Be Told Podcast: “Awareness Is Pain” April 15, 2023

The Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons discusses important political and cultural issues providing a different perspective on how stories affect our future.

Time to Break Up The Scam of Public “Education”

The government "education" monopoly is wholly failing in its stated mission of academically equipping young people as productive and successful adults.

Greenwald: WaPo and the NY Times are Servants of Power

If the free press doesn't expose government secrets there's no value to a free press, because it's not serving as a check on institutions of authority.
Get Trump

Trump Indictment: Deep Dive Plus Strategy – Make Them Rue The Day!

We are experiencing a Color Revolution. We explore Trump’s indictment within framework of this revolutionary act and a strategy of mutually assured destruction.
Steve Bannon War Room Pandemic Host

America’s Fifth Column Has Sold Out American People | Bannon Goes Off On America’s...

Bannon unleashes on Larry Fink, Ken Griffin and Wall Street oligarchs who are entrenched in DEI bureaucracy and allied with world's greatest enemy – the CCP.
The Trans Cult Radicals

The Trans Cult Radicals – 5th Generation Warfare

So about now, those who follow our weekly podcast and excerpts are seeing in real time the fruition of our warnings. The alphabet mafia...

ProPublica’s Latest ”Bombshell Report:” Clarence Thomas Has a Rich Friend!

ProPublica is turning mundane pieces of information into “groundbreaking investigations.” The latest “bombshell” Clarence Thomas’s friends is a billionaire.
The HighWire's Del Bigtree Debates Neil Degrasse Tyson

Del BigTree Debates Neil Degrasse Tyson

Del's invitation to Neil deGrasse Tyson for a “debate and a beer” was answered when the celebrity Astrophysicist and Executive Producer of Shot in...

Our French Revolution

The Democratic Party vanished in 2020, absorbed by hard-left ideologues bent on radically altering institutions to force radical, equality-of-result agendas.
Sleepy Joe Biden & His Holiness Pius IX

The Syllabus of Economic Errors

Since 2020, the policy disasters of the Ruling Class brought economic suffering to Americans. Now they bring risks that imperil the entire national economy.