Predictable: Conservatives Devour Themselves – The Steven Crowder Saga

Contact Your Elected Officials

The political class that claims to represent the Conservative movement agenda, which includes elected officials, think tanks, and media pundits, is doing what they do best. What is that you might ask? Well, it certainly is never to advance the conservative agenda and put points on the board.

No, their best always resembles shooting themselves in the foot, capitulating to the left, and facilitating the caricatured stereotype of being hypocrites and incompetent.

Why would anyone trust that the Conservative movement talking heads and politicians will ever cross the finish line? They are in a perpetual loop of whack-a-mole among themselves which leaves Conservatives living through “Groundhog Day” again and again.
Dear Conservatives, remind yourselves what the definition of insanity is, again.

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By Bekah Lyons

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