RECENT Archaeological Weapon Discoveries!

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Check out these RECENT Archaeological Weapon Discoveries! This top 10 list of amazing mysterious discoveries has some unexplained ancient findings of rare weapons used thousands of years ago!

10 Green Glass Spearhead

Students from the University of Western Australia got a powerful reminder of their country’s
history during a trip to Rottnest Island, offshore from Perth, when they spotted a striking
spearhead fashioned from green glass. Strange thing is, green glass isn’t local to Australia. So
how did it get there?? The answer lies in the island’s troubled history, it’s not the prettiest story.

9 Shark Tooth Weapons

In 2012 experts got a surprise when researching the ecology of the Gilbert Islands. They’re located in the Central Pacific Ocean and the local craft involved making weapons using sharks’ teeth. The islanders would start with a buttress made of wood, which they would then attach the ultra sharp teeth to using cords made from coconut leaves.

8 Dirty Harry Slingshot

It seems you didn’t need the power of Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum to stop an aggressor back in A.D. 140. That’s if an archaeological site in Scotland is anything to go by! In 2017 experts began finding ancient Roman at a field in Burnswark, near Edinburgh. The area would have witnessed the Roman Army building Hadrian’s Wall and pushing back the natives as they went. This naturally led to some pretty nasty confrontations.

7 Mata’a of Easter Island

Up until a couple of years ago it was believed the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean died because of conflict. They apparently used up all their resources and turned on each other, leading to their demise. This was based on what appeared to be weaponry called ‘mata’a’, made from obsidian, or volcanic glass, found across the length and breadth of the area.

6 The Rain of Genghis Khan

It’s generally accepted that Genghis Khan the Mongol ruler was one dude you didn’t want to mess with. We certainly wouldn’t argue with him anyway! The founding of the Mongol Empire was one of the most effective examples of military might the world has ever seen.

5 Tomb Triggers of Emperor Qin Huang

The resting place of Qin (pronounced Chin) Huangdi, or China’s First Emperor as he was better known, captured the imaginations of both archaeologists and everyone else when his mausoleum was discovered in the 1970s. That distinctive image of 8,000 – count ‘em, 8,000! – Terracotta Warriors was truly a sight to behold.

4 Viking Knock-off Swords

Old Viking swords can be found in various museums and collections around the world. They certainly look the part but around a decade ago people began noticing something strange about some of the blades. Turns out they were counterfeit! But you want to know the really strange thing? They’re still original Viking swords. Confused? You should be…

3 Megalithic Crystal Weapons

When exploring tombs from the Megalithic era in Spain, archaeologists unearthed a truly astonishing discovery… 5,000 year old weapons fashioned from rock crystal! These were hidden inside chambers made of slate slabs, that gave them clues about the elite society found entombed at the site of Valencina de la Concepción.

2 Pepola Dhung Discovery

There’s a long history across the globe of archaeological finds interfering with building and construction projects. Uncovering an ancient skull or rusty sword when you’re trying to bring a multi million dollar project in on time isn’t the most convenient thing, but it can shine a light on history and is worth stopping work for!

1 Mountain Sword

Climate change is generally a bad thing for the planet but it does have unexpected side effects. In terms of archaeology, the melting of snow and ice can reveal stuff from thousands of years ago that people had never thought possible. Just such a thing was found last year up a mountain in Norway by a reindeer hunter.

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