The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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With 472,900-square feet, more than 120,000 artifacts, and over 1 million visitors each year, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest children’s museum in the world. Since it was first established in 1925, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has expanded to become one of the top-ranked, most-respected children’s museums in the nation, providing one-of-a-kind experiences that range from our immersive Dinosphere© to the exquisite, five-story Fireworks of Glass sculpture by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. The Children’s Museum is at the forefront of creating learning experiences with the power to transform the lives of children and families. They welcome visitors from across the country and from all around the world.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest children’s museum. It is located at 3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, in the United Northwest Area neighborhood of the city. The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.


Take Me There®: Greece

In Take Me There®: Greece, discover the vibrant culture of contemporary Greece where modern life goes against the backdrop of the ancient Greek world. Through art, food, music, dance, and architecture, discover what life in Greece is really like!

Explore and play!

  • Board our airplane and travel 5,500 miles to Greece
  • Gather locally-sourced food, prepare authentic meals, and share them in the Genetos Taverna (restaurant)
  • Discover how to say “hello” and other Greek phrases

Be Greek for the day!

  • Cast nets to provide fish for local markets
  • Fill bottles with olive oil
  • Bake and serve bread and baklava 
  • Visit houses in Athens and Corinth
  • Gather in a family courtyard

Help save the sea turtles!

  • Care for rescued loggerhead sea turtles
  • Count, measure, and protect turtle eggs
  • Feed turtles their favorite meal—squid pieces, shellfish, and fish

In Take Me There: Greece, experience one of the most culturally-rich countries in the world—without leaving Indiana! This one-of-a-kind exhibit promises to encourage you to appreciate other cultures in a way that goes far beyond textbooks. Because when we learn how people in other countries live their daily lives, we can accept and respect our neighbors—next door and around the world!

American POP

American TV shows, movies, music, fashion, and more—American POP is a new permanent exhibit for visitors to explore pop culture, how we shape it, and how it shapes us.  

Turn up the volume. See the evolution of music players and play a guessing game of covers versus original tunes. 

Imagine striking a pose in a Versace suit or jumping into a selection of over 200 cowboy boots. Recognize trends from the past, and try a few things on to become your own fashion icon.  

Toys & Games
Did you have one of these? Did you have one of those? Rediscover your favorite toys and games and share your favorite memories with the family. 

Film & TV
No need for antennas here. We’re covering classic TV and movies along with their famous props and storylines. 

Comics & Literature
It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s YOU as a superhero in American POP! See issues from the Max Simon comic book collection, items from our Batman® collection, then put you and your extraordinary family on a comic book cover and send it home! 

Where old becomes new…there are always classic collection items rotating in American POP. Find what you relate to! 

The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture are made possible through lead gift support from Lilly Endowment Inc., Mel and Bren Simon, Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Gerald and Dorit Paul, Thelma L. “T” Wilds, Sharon W. Doiron, and Shirley S. Bryant.

Stories from Our Community

Weaving Us Together

What makes up the nooks and crannies of your life? That’s your story. Yours is different than the next person’s. But stories are what binds us together as families, as communities, as people. Storytelling preserves our history, traditions, and ideas. Here you’ll discover the tradition of storytelling and oral history sharing by observing real objects and listening to the stories they inspired.

Dinosphere: Now You’re in Their World

Now You’re in Their World

Thundering footsteps. Unusual plants. A brilliantly colored sky and changing weather. Where are you? You’ve been transported to the land of dinosaurs—over 65 million years ago. Be on the lookout! TyrannosaursTriceratopsMaiasauras, and more are roaming nearby.

  • Come face to face with full-size dinosaur skeletons.
  • Dig for dinosaur bones.
  • See one of the largest displays of juvenile dinosaur fossils in the world.
  • Touch an authentic T. rex bone.

This exhibit is located on the Lower Level and Level 1.

Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab

The museum-led Mission Jurassic team uncovered nearly 500 new fossils from the Jurassic Mile dig site this summer weighing in at more than 15 tons! Now you can see some of those colossal fossils being prepped on your next visit to Dinosphere®.

The Jurassic bones found at our Mission Jurassic dig site are significantly larger than the Cretaceous bones that had been prepped in the museum’s Polly H. Hix Paleo Prep Lab. Bigger bones require bigger equipment and a larger workspace. The museum has been busy building a new Jurassic Paleo Prep Lab in order to accommodate the bigger Jurassic bones. Now that the new lab is complete, our scientists will have the proper room and equipment to tackle these extraordinary specimens.

Significant Specimens

Leonardo: The Mummified Dinosaur: Leonardo is arguably the most scientifically important dinosaur ever discovered. When this fossilized Brachylophosaurus was carefully unearthed in the Montana Badlands in 2002, researchers had their first real look at the skin, the scales, the foot pads, and even the stomach contents of the behemoths that roamed the planet 77 million years ago.

Bucky the Teenage T. rex: Bucky is the sixth most complete T. rex ever found and the first teenage T. rex put on permanent display in a museum. He’s also the first T. rex to be identified with a furcula, or collar bone. Bucky was named after the young rancher and rodeo cowboy Bucky Derflinger who discovered Bucky in 1998.

Dracorex Hogwartsia: Dracorex hogwartsia is a dinosaur that is new to science, and it bears a close resemblance to a fairy-tale dragon, with its bony head covered in spikes and knobs. A team of museum scientists officially named the new dinosaur species Dracorex hogwartsia, the “Dragon King of Hogwarts.” to celebrate Hogwarts, the academy for wizards in the Harry Potter novels.

Beyond Spaceship Earth

This immersive exhibit tells the dynamic story of space exploration from NASA’s Project Mercury program, which sent the first Americans into space, to the International Space Station (ISS). In Beyond Spaceship Earth, families can see astronaut artifacts, learn space-travel history and immerse themselves in the life of an astronaut. Each segment of the exhibit has something extraordinary to offer!

International Space Station Exhibit

  • Discover how astronauts perform scientific experiments in space
  • View real video of an astronaut’s day-to-day life in space
  • Try on space gear, and try out interactive space-task activities

Indiana Astronaut Wall of Fame

  • Learn about the Hoosiers who’ve made astronomical impact
  • View space artifacts and images courtesy of Purdue University Archives
  • Explore the database of Indiana astronauts

The Future is Here—How Sci Fi Becomes Reality in the Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater

See the actual escape pod movie prop used in the 2016 film Star Trek: Beyond. Discover how the Star Trek communicator of the 1960s ended up as the inspiration for the cell phones of today! This multimedia experience shows how popular science fiction has inspired and shaped scientific and technological advancements. Featured in the Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater, The Future is Here—How Sci-fi Becomes Reality showcases artifacts from a variety of popular sci-fi films and shows how science fiction enthusiasts or fans of today become the futuristic designers of tomorrow! 

The original Sulu himself, George Takei, provides the voice of the multimedia experience The Future is Here—How Sci-fi Becomes Reality, filmed exclusively for The Children’s Museum!


Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks feeds the curiosity of the next generation of young scientific explorers! Explore the work of real scientists like hydrologists, naturalists, and geologists. See how people like engineers, farmers, and others use science process skills to ask questions and seek answers to help us in our daily lives. 

Things to Do in ScienceWorks:

  • View field journals to draw conclusions about species that exist in caves, hills, fields, and even under houses!
  • Use different data streams like doppler radar and Twitter to create a weather forecast at the Weather Station.
  • Climb along the Hillside to discover species that live underground.
  • Examine real amphibians and their roles in the Pond.
  • Get behind the wheel of a John Deere combine cab on the Farm as you harvest and protect plants.
  • Understand how we clean and manage water, and engineer your own water system to help transport materials, create energy, and prevent flooding from the Great Lakes all the way to the Mississippi Delta.
  • Step into the Geology Lab to see and touch extraordinary minerals and see what they’re used for in everyday materials.
  • Learn how caves are formed, and find the species that thrive in them.

Most importantly, determine what kind of scientist you might like to be!

Fireworks of Glass

A Breathtaking 43-Foot Tower

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this beauty! The colossal blown glass tower is one of the largest permanent sculptures by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. Featuring over 3,200 stunning pieces of brilliant blown glass, the tower rises above a glass ceiling and can be viewed from all sides.

Starts on the Lower Level.

Sculpt Away!

Relax on a revolving platform and gaze up at the magnificent glass ceiling. Learn to identify the different shapes and forms used by Chihuly. Create your own colorful sculpture from plastic shapes that mirror the originals. Blow glass virtually or explore glassblowing on our computers.

Wild Weather

Open March 14, 2020—Jan. 10, 2021

There’s a storm brewing!

  • Fly through a hurricane
  • Swirl along a tornado’s path
  • Track turbulent cloud formations
  • Map lightning strikes
  • Stand in the midst of a raging winter storm 

Discover how to weather the storm as you learn about emerging technologies and recent scientific discoveries that are improving our ability to forecast severe weather and enhance our awareness of global weather phenomena including hurricanes, blizzards, severe heat, and climate change.

Barbie: You Can Be Anything

Opening May 2020

From career dolls to real-world role models, Barbie has been inspiring girls since 1959—and she isn’t done yet! The Children’s Museum is proud to partner with Mattel to celebrate 60 years of Barbie with a new exhibit opening in May of 2020. The exhibit will showcase the iconic Barbie doll and encourage the kind of imaginative play that teaches us that no matter our gender, ethnicity, or background, we can all make the world a better place by doing work that excites us, challenges us, and brings us fulfillment.

  • View various Barbie dolls through history and the story behind how Ruth Handler created the iconic Doll
  • Explore 15 different careers and learn about the more than 200 careers Barbie has had over the years
  • Learn from powerful women throughout history who have broken down career barriers for women

Celebrate Barbie’s legacy while experiencing activities that inspire limitless potential.

Power of Children

We Can All Make a Difference

Deep down we all want to be heroes. Ignite a passion for changing the world around you through the powerful stories of three extraordinary 20th-century children—Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White. Recommended for ages 8+.

  • Be transported through live theatrical performances.
  • Step into a replica of Ryan White’s bedroom, Ruby Bridges’ classroom, or Anne Frank’s annex.
  • Learn how you and your family can make a difference by Taking Action.

Located on Level 3.

Three Young Voices. Three World-Changers.

The stories of extraordinary children in history can inspire children today to fight discrimination and intolerance and make a positive difference in the world.

Anne Frank
Experience Anne’s tremendous message of hope amidst the terrors of the 1940s Holocaust.

Nearly every schoolchild knows the story of Anne Frank; her diary is required reading in many schools. Through her writing, we have a first-person account of a Jewish girl’s experience of the Holocaust: the fear, the hiding, the hope of a better future.

Ruby Bridges
See bravery beyond words through the story of a first-grade girl in the newly desegregated schools of New Orleans in 1960.

The year Ruby Bridges was born, the Supreme Court of the United States charted a new course for the nation in Brown v. Board of Education, ruling that segregation of black students in public schools was inherently unequal. Six years later, Ruby herself put a personal face on this momentous decision when she was among the first black students to integrate the white school system in New Orleans in 1960.

Ryan White

Learn how this young teenage Hoosier fought fear and misinformation about AIDS head-on in the 1980s.

In the early 1980’s, reports of a new disease called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) terrified the nation. Even after facts became available about how AIDS is spread, fear and misinformation were rampant. Ryan White, a teenager who contracted AIDS through medication for his hemophilia, was expelled from his school due to his condition. His fight to be allowed to return to school and live a normal life made him famous around the world.

Treasures of the Earth

Discover Ancient Mysteries

Immerse yourself in three dramatic recreations: the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Seti I, the burial site of China’s Terra Cotta Warriors, and the Caribbean shipwreck of Captain Kidd.

  • Visit a working archaeology lab.
  • Reconstruct a Terra Cotta Warrior.
  • Decipher hieroglyphics to identify a royal mummy.
  • Take a simulated journey deep into an Egyptian tomb.
  • See artifacts used by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies.

Seti’s Tomb: Descend into a recreation of the longest, deepest, and most complete of any Egyptian tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings. Explore the intricate wall etchings, burial chamber, and mysterious tunnel. Help solve the mystery of who the mummy really was.

Terra Cotta Warriors: Stand face to face with recreations of an army of ancient Terra Cotta Warriors. Excavate and examine fragments, reconstruct a warrior, and piece together clues to solve the mysteries surrounding these beautiful figures.

Kidd’s Shipwreck: An ancient ship has been found off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Explore this recreated shipwreck in detail. Pore over old maps, excavate an underwater site, and look for clues. Could the ship belong to the notorious pirate, Captain William Kidd?

The Lab: Watch real archaeologists working on artifacts in our working archaeology lab.

National Geographic Treasures of the Earth is a partnership between The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and the National Geographic Society, Dr. Zahi Hawass and Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, China’s Shanxii Provincial Institute for Archaeological Research and Xi’an Municipal Museum, and Indiana University Bloomington and its Department of Underwater Science.


Delight the Senses of Your Little One


This exhibit is for ages 5 and under.

Explore a world of play and learning alongside your infant, toddler, or preschooler. Watch their curiosity blossom as they discover new sounds, sights, and things to touch and manipulate. Designed specifically for our youngest guests, Playscape® encourages learning through all kinds of sensory play and fun.

  • Explore and discover an underwater pond habitat.
  • Create an original work of art in the Art Studio.
  • Launch balls through the Reaction Contraption.
  • Play authentic musical instruments.
  • See things fly through the Whirly Twirly Tower.
  • Pour, mix, and measure sand and water.
  • Climb through our nature-inspired activity set.

Located on Level 3.

Playscape Is Family-Friendly Too

Diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers . . . and so much more! Outings with little ones can be quite an undertaking. That’s why we made Playscape® as hassle-free as possible for caregivers with amenities like private nursing areas for moms, family restrooms, and diaper-changing stations.

Visit Tip

Preschool group visits are scheduled Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon. To avoid crowds, plan your visit around these times. To book a school visit, visit our Field Trip page, or call 317-334-4000.


A Dazzling Experience

Be whisked away on a magical Carousel ride with Indiana roots back to 1917. The intricately painted Carousel animals were salvaged from the original ride that operated in Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis. Now a museum favorite, you won’t want to miss this! Carousel rides are free for members and children under age 2; nonmember cost is $1 per ride.

Dream Big

Designed for adventure and interaction, this special area of the museum has fun for young and old.

  • Explore the maze of mirrors and life-sized kaleidoscope
  • Visit the games and puzzles arcade
  • Climb a tree house
  • Serve pretend treats in a retro ice cream parlor

Lilly Theater

Live Performances to Inspire and Engage

Fantasy, comedy, colorful costumes, and imaginative scenery come together in plays designed for all ages. Experience familiar and surprising stories brought to life. Stick around after the show to meet the cast. (free with museum admission)

All Aboard!

Discover Trains Big and Small

Imagine the adventures that the impressive Reuben Wells, a 35-foot-long, 55-ton steam engine had in its day. Travel back to 1890s Madison, Indiana where this very engine conquered the steepest railroad grade in the United States. The most powerful locomotive in the world back then, the Reuben Wells is right here at The Children’s Museum for you to enjoy along with our other train experiences.

  • Operate control lights, switches, and signals on the track.
  • Crawl inside a tunnel to marvel at miniature trains in action.
  • Play with train toys and sell train tickets at the station.
  • Design a railroad or race trains on the computer.

National Art Museum of Sport

Iconic athletes captured by artists, and art created by athletes…see select pieces on display in the National Art Museum of Sports (NAMOS).

The National Art Museum of Sport, or NAMOS, is dedicated to celebrating sport through art. Select pieces are on display from the collection’s nearly 1,000 works.

This permanent exhibit highlights art of iconic moments and athletes as well as art by athletes. As you walk through the Efroymson Pavilion, see art grouped by themes, and note our featured artist C.W. Mundy.

Must-see works of art: 

  • Cobb Slide, Ray Ellis
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee, Muhammad Ali 
  • French Connection, LeRoy Neiman
  • Au But! (To the Goal), Alfred Boucher
  • Jackie Robinson, Barney Stein
  • Bathers, Winslow Homer
  • Arthur Ashe, Donald Moss
  • Racing, Rosalee Blum
  • Tennis, Erte

Being the artist

Much like our paleo-art gallery above Dinosphere®, NAMOS has a space to encourage children and families to create their own sport-inspired masterpieces. Become inspired by the art in NAMOS, then put yourself in the artist’s shoes and create something magical to put on the refrigerator back home. Who knows, maybe you’ll move from the fridge into NAMOS one day! 

  • Illustrate motion through sport and take home your drawing
  • Shape your favorite athlete or sport with putty
  • Make your own sports card with your best stats 

The World of Sport

Explore The World of Sport indoors
It’s cold outside, but we have three sports exhibits inside!

In The World of Sport, experience the culture of sports as you play the role of an athlete, announcer, and sportscaster. Learn about iconic moments through time with family and the hard work and skills it takes to achieve your goals—in sports and otherwise! Try out something in the exhibit’s three parts: 

Pro Sports Legends 

  • Play the role with a jersey representing your favorite sport, or make the game-winning call as a ref
  • Discover incredible artifacts from sports professionals and athletes

NCAA Sports Legends Training Facility

  • Stick the landing from our floor beam
  • Work together as a crew in the rowing challenge
  • Shoot, pass, and score the basketball with the family
  • Be the best hockey teammate in a goal-blocker challenge
  • Listen to famous moments in NCAA history and record your voice calling the play
  • Analyze a post-game play as a sportscaster 

Church Brothers Collision Repair Motorsports Garage

  • Test speed and safety in a pit-stop challenge
  • See a car raced by Indy 500 driver Willy T. Ribbs
  • Race the family at our track tables

Be a part of sports history with the whole family in The World of Sport!

First & Goal

From the rituals of high school football to fans who turn out for NFL games, football has taken root in Indiana. Huddle up with your family and experience the excitement and intensity of First & Goal, an indoor football experience that was created in partnership with the Indianapolis Colts!

  • Join Blue, the Colts mascot, in the end zone for a touchdown dance
  • Kick a (virtual) field goal and see if you score!
  • Try your skills at Combine drills
  • Discover the nutrition necessary to dominate the playing field
  • Race in a 10-yard dash against the speed of Colts players
  • Get your face painted on screen and support your team

First & Goal also features historic memorabilia and celebrates Indiana’s high school and college traditions.

Avenue of Champions

Old National Bank Sports Legends Avenue of Champions

The Children’s Museum is ecstatic to represent sports legends across the nation with ties to Indiana in the Old National Bank Sports Legends Avenue of Champions within the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®. Thanks to Old National Bank, we are able to educate and inspire children and families with statues and histories of people who make sports extraordinary. 

The avenue features 16 individuals who have left a significant impression on sports history, who have defied odds, who have given back, and more. To learn how the legends were chosen, read Advisor Skip Berry’s blog

DaMarcus Beasley | Tamika Catchings | Indianapolis Clowns | Pete and Alice Dye | A.J. Foyt | Wayne Gretzky | Bobby “Slick” Leonard | Reggie Miller | Oscar Robertson | Wilma Rudolph | Reggie Wayne | Barbara Wynne


Hit a home run at the baseball diamond! In this experience, families can learn about America’s pastime and work on their fastball. 

  • Hang out in the dugout before it’s your turn to bat 
  • Learn about the Indianapolis Clowns baseball team
  • Use a tee (or not) to practice hitting the ball
  • Perfect your own pitch by throwing into a pitching tutor 
  • Pretend you’re up to bat at the Indianapolis Indians photo-op

Riley Health PROtip: Stress affects us all—kids and grown-ups! It’s important to make family time for fun and relaxing outdoor activities like baseball. 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Fitness Path and Track

Dr. Cory SerVaas Fitness Path and Jane and Steve Marmon Run-Walk Experience

Get in your daily cardio on the track, and add in training stations from the fitness path along the way to keep muscles healthy and strong!

  • Take a stroll or sprint on a track measuring two-fifths of a mile in the Jane and Steve Marmon Run-Walk Experience
  • Learn about running legend Wilma Rudolph
  • Warm up at the first station on the Dr. Cory SerVaas Fitness Path. Go through five stations with a cool-down at the last 
  • Learn exercise tips and benefits from our friends at Riley Children’s Health 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


Indianapolis Colts Football Experience

Get onto the gridiron with inspiration from your favorite Indianapolis football team—the Colts! This experience gets players of all sizes ready for an epic touchdown celebration with some basic fundamentals: 

  • Brace yourself for the line of defense by learning how to properly grip a football and dodge the opponent
  • Take a breather and learn about football legend Reggie Wayne
  • Be the kicker by practicing on one of our two goal posts; one for little kickers and one for big kickers
  • Practice your passing and throw to a family-member receiver over opponent cut-outs 

Riley Health PROtip: Learn how to decrease chances of injury while improving coordination and speed by running the defense line and changing direction quickly. 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


Indiana Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Indiana’s rich basketball history lets you play a part as an Indiana Pacers or Indiana Fever player! Get off the bench and grab a ball to learn moves like Tamika Catchings and Reggie Miller with a few fundamentals: 

  • Take to the court to practice your Larry Bird free throws at a high or low hoop
  • Perfect your pass at different speeds and angles to Pacers/Fever player targets
  • Challenge the whole family, or beat your personal best, at a shot-clock hoop

Riley Health PROtip: Trying new activities makes you gain strength by working muscles that you don’t always use. 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.


Fore! Take a swing at four 9-hole courses, with challenges for beginners to mini-golf pros. Become a putting pro while learning a bit about the extraordinary design history of Indiana natives Pete and Alice Dye. 

  • Putt at the two signature courses designed by Pete and Alice, where all of the holes are replicas of their most-famous designs from around the world
  • Wait your turn by practicing your putt and participating in programming available on the putting green
  • If you’re a new golfer, try our introductory course inspired by Pete and Alice
  • There’s even a toddler course for the littlest golfers

Riley Health PROtip: Playing an outdoor sport like golf with family and friends improves health by reducing stress. 

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Stop at Kohler Pavilion to get sized for proper equipment. Toddler equipment will be out and located at the toddler course.

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.


Indiana Pacers and Fever Basketball Experience

Indiana’s rich basketball history lets you play a part as an Indiana Pacers or Indiana Fever player! Get off the bench and grab a ball to learn moves like Tamika Catchings and Reggie Miller with a few fundamentals: 

  • Take to the court to practice your Larry Bird free throws at a high or low hoop
  • Perfect your pass at different speeds and angles to Pacers/Fever player targets
  • Challenge the whole family, or beat your personal best, at a shot-clock hoop

Riley Health PROtip: Trying new activities makes you gain strength by working muscles that you don’t always use. 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


Indy Fuel Hockey Experience

Imagine yourself in the rink with the Indy Fuel team or celebrating a big win with Wayne Gretzky! Learn about the team and try out some things they have to work on every day: 

  • Grab a stick and street-hockey ball and play on a street hockey rink
  • Shoot or guard a goal 
  • Learn how to pass and shoot with the family

Riley Health PROtip: When you practice a variety of skills you can avoid injury by not overworking any one part of your body.   

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


Subway® Soccer Experience

Be the forward or the goalie! Learn some soccer fundamentals and imagine yourself as Indy’s next soccer star:

  • Show off your fancy footwork like DaMarcus Beasley in front of one of the bigger goals at each end of the field
  • Kick through the goalie’s gaps at one of the smaller goals
  • Learn the basics of dribbling and passing along the field 

Riley Health PROtip: Drink water before, during, and after the game to keep your mind and body sharp—and don’t forget to have a healthy snack! 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. 


The Seymour and Rheta Holt Tennis Center

Fall in love with the game. Modeled after USTA’s “10 and Under Tennis” program, our tennis courts are the perfect stop to ace your serve or practice your return. 

  • Use one of our Net-Generation racquet and low-compression balls to hit back and forth with your family
  • Get inspired by Barbara Wynne’s love for the game and her passion to teach it
  • Challenge your forehands and backhands at our practice wall
  • Volley with forehand and backhand swings

Riley Health PROTip: You hone agility skills every time you change directions quickly. Tennis is perfect for developing agility! 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

All equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. 


Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pedal Car Racetrack Experience and Church Brothers Collision Repair Drag Strip

Heed speed in your pedal car! Channel your inner A.J. Foyt and race with the family on the oval track or take to the drag strip for fast-acting performance. 

  • Stop by the pagoda to learn Indianapolis Motor Speedway history
  • Watch a safety video before you take to the pedals
  • Get your claim to fame with a photo in the Central Indiana Honda Dealers Winner’s Circle

Riley Health PROtip: Stay safe while you race, whether you’re riding on four wheels—or two! Check your wheels and brakes, make sure your safety gear fits, and know the rules of the road.

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

You must be at least 42 inches tall to participate in this experience. Close-toed shoes are required. All additional equipment provided by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Tree of Sports

The Children’s Museum Guild’s Fantasy Tree House of Sports

Climb in and out of your favorite sports and feel like you’re on top of the world! This impressive tree reaches 25 feet high inside, and its leaves reach even higher! 

  • Communicate with friends or family from the ground up with a talk tube
  • Climb high then take a ride down on the slide
  • Look out onto the entire sports experience at different viewing platforms 

Riley Health PROtip: It’s easier to stick with healthy, active habits when you’re having fun with loved ones, so grownups should feel free to follow their little climbers up the tree! 

Outdoor areas are weather dependent. They are open through Nov. 3.

The Tree of Sports is handicap accessible with a lift taking you to a viewing platform and slide at 9 feet. 

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