The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America

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The Enemy Within By David Horowitz

The Enemy Within is a book for all patriots who understand that our country is in a fight for its life.”—MARK LEVIN

America on the Brink

A questionable election. The president of the United States illegally impeached—twice—and silenced. The First Amendment hanging by a thread. The national heritage under attack. Mob violence. America is on the brink of becoming a one-party dictatorship. 

How did this happen?

The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America provides the answer. David Horowitz has been the bête noire of the Left for decades on account of his courageous revelations of their aims and tactics, and now he sounds the alarm: the barbarians are already inside the gates.

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Horowitz lays out how we have ended up in the worst national crisis since the Civil War. He details:

• The Left’s embrace of Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism—the underpinnings of their totalitarian ideology

• The decades-long infiltration of our education system by ideologies hostile to America, our institutions, and our freedom

• Why the Obama administration marked a point of no return in the division of America into two irreconcilable political factions

• The Democrats’ unprincipled campaign to destroy a duly elected U.S. president

• Their political exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic

• Their complicity in the riots of the summer of 2020, which left twenty-five dead, injured two thousand police officers, caused billions of dollars in property damage, and revealed the fragility of our civic order

As Abraham Lincoln so presciently warned on the eve of America’s last existential crisis, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live for all time, or die by suicide.” In The Enemy Within, David Horowitz provides a spot-on assessment of the threat to the American Republic and points to an escape route—while there’s still time.

Mark Levin on The Enemy Within By David Horowitz

About the Author

David Horowitz, raised a communist, underwent a dramatic conversion and became one of America’s most consequential conservative thinkers and activists. The founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles, he is the author of Big AgendaRadical Son, and The Black Book of the American Left.

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