Top 9 AMAZING Jets of the Future

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From incredible fighter jets that will soon be the top in the world, to prototypes with swimming pools, here are 9 incredible jets of the future!

#9 Aeralis Dart Jet

A common misconception about jets is that they’re only used for combat and reconnaissance. But a key factor happens before anyone can even get into the cockpit of one of those planes. Mainly, they have to train to be ready for missions in those vehicles, and to that end, specialized training jets are used to prep pilots for what is to happen once they go up in them.

#8 Japan’s F-3

You might not think of Japan as a nation that has a large military, and by their own decree via World War II they will not be a militarily-focused nation. However, they do develop jets and other things to protect their home, and a sixth-generation fighter that they are working on right now is aiming to be a top candidate for a future jet to look out for.

#7 Aerion AS2

As air travel grew, so too did the need to have all sorts of jets for all sorts of situation, and that included having jets for business folk to get from one part of the country to the other in record time in order to close deals and attend meeting. Sometime in 2020, the Aerion AS2 is scheduled to make its debut and become the next “Supersonic Business Jet” that will be used by people of wealth.

#6 Russia’s MiG-41

Without a doubt, Russia has been the creator of some of the most well-known and powerful jets in history, and when you think of the Russian Air Force, you no doubt think of the MiG, a jet that has shot down numerous foes in its various forms over the many wars the country has seen since its birth.

#5 The Next F-22 Raptor

In the USA, the F-22 Raptor is still widely considered one of the best fighter jets ever made. This is due to several factors. First and foremost, the F-22 Raptor is a fighter jet that is nearly invisible to all radar systems, which makes it invaluable for both recon and precision strikes. Second, it was built for true superiority, which means it has the range, maneuverability, and the weaponry to take to the skies and take out all opposition.


“What is the future of warfare?”, that is a question that has led to many advances in technology over the years, and in regards to recent advancements, that is the rise of unmanned vehicles. UAVs, drones, robots, and more are going to the front lines to scope out enemy strongholds, diffuse situations, and even drop bombs or missiles on enemy targets, and in the UK, the next evolution of that is the UCAV.

#3 The Tempest Project

Currently, the United Kingdom’s most reliable fighter is that of the Eurofighter Typhoon. This jet was actually the result of a group of countries that comprised the Eurofighter Consortium, which consisted of Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain. The idea was to pool resources and ideas so that they could create a jet fighter that was multi-purpose, could do battle in the air, on the ground, and be far reaching, and they succeeded.

#2 Boeing 777X

Commercial jet airliners are a vital part of the world today, as they allow people to travel all over the world in a fraction of the time it would take boats or slower planes to arrive. As such, to better improve business and customer satisfaction, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the next generation of jet airliner is coming, and one such model is the Boeing 777X.

#1 Jet Blimp

At one time, blimps were considered the “future of air travel”, but events like the Hindenburg proved that this was not the case. However, the future may indeed be with blimps, and one solar-powered one is being made right now. Varialift Airships are making the next generation of blimps that aren’t just solar powered, but built with jet engines.

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