Whistleblowers, LOL

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Four-time national and international whistling champion Christopher Ullman believes whistling is an art form. Using his lips, tongue, and teeth, he can mimic different instruments or add embellishments to the song—so he’s not just your average, everyday whistler.

Whistleblower Sean Lomax is Whistling Bizet’s “Carmen” and “Dance Boheme” (1998) for a Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon.

At TEDxRotterdam, world champion Whistleblower Geert Chatrou performs the whimsical “Eleonora” by A. Honhoff, and his own “Fête de la Belle.” In a fascinating interlude, he talks about what brought him to the craft.

International Whistling Champion Carole Anne Kaufman whistles at the International Whistling Convention North Carolina 2009.

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