10 Governors Call on Biden to Take Action on Border Crisis

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, was joined by nine peers on Oct. 6 at the U.S.–Mexico border, with the group calling on President Joe Biden to take 10 steps to address the worsening border crisis.

“We need Joe Biden to step up and lead. We can do this by enacting commonsense policies,” Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, told reporters at the briefing in Mission, Texas.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, another Republican, added: “Either he’s unwilling to solve this crisis, or he doesn’t know how. So we’re here to offer solutions.”

The group wants the Biden administration to fully reimplement the “remain in Mexico” program, which cut down on illegal immigration; resume construction of the border wall; stop the release of illegal immigrants into the U.S. interior; dedicate additional judges and other resources to clear the growing backlog of asylum cases; and deploy more federal officers to the border.

The governors are also urging Biden and other top officials to “state clearly and unequivocally that our country’s borders are not open,” continue using Title 42 pandemic powers to expel illegal immigrants, reenter agreements with Northern Triangle countries and Mexico, resume deporting all criminals, and dedicate federal resources to address human and drug trafficking.

They’ve pressed Biden to meet with them in person, but he has so far refused.

Top Biden administration officials have defended the administration’s approach to immigration enforcement, arguing that the Trump era system was cruel and inhumane and that it takes time to reform it.

Supporters say the revamped system treats immigrants better and better represents U.S. values. But critics note that the skyrocketing number of illegal border crossings has been accompanied by drug trafficking, human trafficking, and transmissible diseases, including COVID-19. They also note that some of the Biden administration’s actions violate federal law and court orders, including the administration’s announcement that it will ultimately end “remain in Mexico” in defiance of the Supreme Court.

By Zachary Stieber

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