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Sadly, more than 20 million Americans who are registered to vote don’t vote when the election comes around. Sometimes they think their vote doesn’t matter, maybe they think their candidate won’t win, or maybe they just forgot to vote.

But this election, every vote is important, every vote counts, and if those who believe in free-enterprise, national security, and the American Dream stay home, our beloved country might change forever for the worse. Everyone knows this election is about TURN OUT and the liberal media and those who depend on the Swamp want proud Americans like you to think it’s a hopeless cause. They think you should give up and stay home, that your voice and even your thoughts are politically incorrect and unacceptable. They consider your belief in hard work and sacrifice for your family to be outdated and offensive.

That’s why we started the 10for20 campaign. It’s not enough to be opposed to socialism, you need to vote, and pledge to get 10 of your friends and family to vote in the 2020 election. When you take the pledge, we’ll send you an email you can forward to your contacts and we’ll also send important information about the issues that are central to this election. We’ll also send reminders about when and where you can vote.

The media, your liberal friends on Facebook, and those rioting in the streets want you to stay home on Election Day. Prove to them the courage of your convictions and help to bring an army of proud Americans to the polls this November.

Job Creators Network is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to be the voice of America’s small business owners and employees.

JCN provides business leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools to become the voice of free enterprise in the media, in Congress, in state capitals, in their communities, and their workplaces—allowing them to hold politicians accountable to job creators and their employees.


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