$11 Billion Shifts Out of China Within 3 Months: Analysis

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China is losing money to the tune of billions. For the first time in two years, more money left China than entered as imports grow and exports fall, and Chinese shipping containers dawdle around empty Chinese ports. What’s driving this trend? Is it all due to China’s draconian zero-COVID policy? Or are other factors at play?

Topics in this episode:

  1. $11B Shifts Out of China Within Three Months: Analysis
  2. U.S. Pledges ‘Consequences’ If China Aids Russia
  3. U2 Pilot Takes Selfie with Chinese Spy Balloon
  4. Eu Commission to Ban TikTok on Staff Phones
  5. Europe Court: ‘No’ to Russia Ban on Falun Gong Materials
  6. 7 Ex-Samsung Employees Jailed for Tech Theft
  7. At Least 6 Killed in China Coal Mine Collapse
  8. Lawmakers Call for Probe on Biden Appointee Over Alleged Ties to Beijing Influence Operation
  9. Xi Jinping Needs a Win or Risk Losing His Godlike Image: Moody

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