11-Year-Old Reads Sexually Explicit Book to Maine School Board Meeting

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Onlookers gasped as 11-year-old Knox Zajac read a sexually explicit passage from a book in Windham Middle School’s (WMS) library to the Windham School Board in Maine.

Knox Zajac read the scene in a noticeably prepubescent voice.

The book Knox Zajac read, “Nick and Charlie,” by Alice Oseman describes a gay sex scene between two teens.

But for the school librarian who saw Knox Zajac check out the book, exposing an 11-year-old to sexually explicit words wasn’t enough, he said.

The librarian also recommended similar books.

“This book was at my middle school and was on a stand. When I rented it out to show my Dad it, the librarian asked if I wanted more, and if I wanted a graphic novel version,” Knox Zajac said in a video posted by Maine parental rights advocate Shawn McBreairty.

At that, the room gasped.

But according to father Adam Zajac, the librarian was the one gasping when Knox Zajac announced he was checking the book out for his Dad to inspect.

“Her face immediately turned red. She got very uncomfortable and started stuttering,” said Adam Zajac.

Adam Zajac said his son offered to read passages from the book before the school board.

“My son Knox really wanted to attend,” he said.

Then Knox Zajac asked if he could read a passage from the book to the meeting that included a curse word and a sexually explicit description.

“You know what? If it was good enough to be in your schools and it’s okay for them to sign that out to you, yes. You can,” Adam Zajac replied.

When Adam Zajac heard his child’s voice reading the words, he felt a rising anger, he said.

By Jackson Elliott

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