15-Minute Cities Are ‘Complete Impoverishment and Enslavement of All the People’: EU Lawmaker

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EU parliamentarian Christine Anderson on new residential model being pushed in Europe

Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament, believes that COVID passports and QR codes that became widespread during the pandemic were only test runs for implementing “15-minute cities” aimed at tightening government control over people.

A 15-minute city is a neighborhood where a resident can reach everything they need, like a grocery store, doctor, and so forth within a 15-minute walk. According to Anderson, such cities are the beginning of tighter government control of people. The administration can exert control by deciding “you are no longer allowed to leave your 15-minute immediate area. They don’t have to fence it in or anything. It will be done via digital ID,” she said in an interview with Jan Jekielek’s “American Thought Leaders” program published on April 25.

“If you now fancy another store and it does not happen to be in your neighborhood, guess what? You won’t be going to that store anymore. Like I said, total control is what we’re talking about.”

In Europe, legislation is being pushed forward to set up 15-minute cities. According to Anderson, the Digital Green Certificate, the COVID pass introduced during the pandemic, was only a test run designed to get people used to producing a QR code and related requirements.

“Now, they’re slamming us with these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake, it’s not about your convenience. It’s not that they want you to be able to have all of these places that you need to get to close by. It’s not about saving the planet either,” Anderson said.

“With the 15-minute cities, they will have to have those before they can lock you down, and that’s what we were talking about here.”

“In Great Britain, some counties have already passed legislation. They will be able to impose a climate lockdown. That’s the next step. That’s what we are talking about. In order to do that, they will have to have these 15-minute cities.”

The next step, Anderson says, will involve restricting people within their localities, only allowing them to leave the place two or three times a year. However, the rich will be able to get away with these rules as they can buy off exit passes from the poorer segments, she stated.

By Jan Jekielek and Naveen Athrappully

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Christine Anderson: From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns, the Onslaught of Digital Tyranny

“The Digital Green Certificate, the COVID pass, that was a test balloon to get people to [have] to produce some kind of a QR code, just getting people used to that. Now, what they’re slamming us with is these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake. It’s not about your convenience,” argues Christine Anderson. She’s a member of the European Parliament, representing the Alternative for Germany Party.

Anderson was one of the European Parliament’s most vocal critics of COVID-19 policies in Europe, Canada, and beyond.

Western democracies are gradually moving toward digital tyranny, she argues. The next step? Climate lockdowns.

“Once we end up in a totalitarian regime and it’s fully blown, given the technological means they have at their disposal today, we’re not talking about 30 years of GDR [German Democratic Republic], 40 years of GDR. We’re not talking about 70 years of the Soviet Union. We’re talking about a very, very long time. That’s what you should fear,” Anderson says.

In the 1920s and 1930s, “Germany was a highly developed society, I mean, lots of smart people, well-educated people, but it was possible for this society to turn evil to an extent that is unimaginable …We always get asked: ‘How was that even possible?’ Well, take a look at the last three years, and you have your answer,” Anderson argues.

“We just need to be clear on one thing: each and every one of us is capable of inflicting the most horrible atrocities on our fellow mankind, given the right circumstances. But if you are not aware of the fact that yes, you are able to do the same thing, then you have no mechanism to fight it,” Anderson says.

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