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Stopping the Anti-American Indoctrination of our Children and Grandchildren

1776 Action is stopping the anti-American indoctrination of our children and grandchildren by making truthful, patriotic education a central voting issue in local elections.

A Time for Action

For years, patriotic Americans have watched in distress as entire generations of young people have been taught a false and one-sided narrative of American history.

Now, the slander of our history in the classroom is being paired with toxic, anti-American theories that divide our children by race, class and gender.

Every day, an entire generation of Americans is being further indoctrinated. We do not have decades to waste trying to persuade the radical Left that they are misguided. We have to defeat them now – politically, culturally, institutionally and financially.

Our Pledge

As a citizen, I believe that…

  • The United States of America is an exceptional nation.
  • Our children and grandchildren should be taught to take pride in their country, to respect our founding principles of liberty and equality, and to have a sense of American history that is both truthful and inspiring.
  • Our Founding Fathers – including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – as well as leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. were among the greatest Americans to ever live, and they deserve to be honored as heroes.
  • Young people should be taught to view one another not according to race or gender, but as individuals made in the image of God.
  • Teaching children to hate their country and each other is immoral and deeply harmful to our society.
  • The path to national unity is to restore truthful, patriotic education in our schools that cultivates in our children a profound love for their country.

THEREFORE, I PLEDGE to help replace elected officials, school board members, education commissioners, principals, deans, and university presidents who promote a false, divisive, and radical view of America and our fellow citizens with new leaders who respect our history, our values, our rights, and the God-given dignity of every person.

A Local Focus

  • Making truthful, patriotic education a central voting issue in local elections, where decisions about the education of our children are made. 
  • Supporting candidates for school boards, state boards of education, and other relevant offices who believe in teaching our children to love America. 
  • Defeating local and state education officials who indoctrinate our children with the false and divisive lies of the radical Left.


  • Winning the on-the-ground political and media fights it will take to stop the indoctrination of America’s youth. 
  • Spotlighting and correcting egregious instances of indoctrination across the country. 
  • Opposing attempts to create a new “action civics” that would replace traditional American civics with left-wing social justice civics.

Higher Education

  • Pressuring colleges and universities to stop the anti-American propaganda through targeted messaging campaigns.
  • Promoting pro-American alternatives to the radical version of U.S. History
They're indoctrinating our kids in Critical Race Theory in public schools, and now were suppose to let them mold their beliefs in daycare?