‘2000 Mules’ Allegations Not Part of Claims Dismissed by Georgia Elections Board, Despite Media Reports

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Though dozens of media outlets claimed otherwise this week, the Georgia State Elections Board has not debunked any assertions made in the recently released “2000 Mules” documentary.

Elections board members seemed to suggest during a May 17 meeting that they had disproven allegations from the documentary that alleges widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

But the board has yet to review any claims made by True the Vote, the organization featured in “2000 Mules.”

As described in the documentary released May 7, Houston-based True the Vote spent a year and a half analyzing cell phone data and dropbox surveillance videos to show patterns of what they call illegal ballot trafficking during the 2020 elections. The nonprofit focused its work in five jurisdictions in five swing states won by Democrat Joe Biden—Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

None of the complaints of voter fraud associated with the documentary were taken up at Tuesday’s meeting.

Still, throughout the meeting, three elections board members repeatedly referenced the documentary before hearing evidence from a state investigator, and while discussing three complaints alleging election misconduct.

Two board members repeatedly cautioned against bringing false allegations, with one warning that it could bring penalties.

In an apparent swipe at movie-makers, board member Sara Tindall Ghazal said that “real harm has been caused by these unsupported allegations asserted by individuals seeking to profit off of them.”

But during the meeting, the only matter concerning True the Vote’s complaint was an update on when an investigation can begin.

Georgia Secretary of State General Counsel Ryan Germany said an effort to look into a broad complaint filed by True the Vote in November is on hold until the organization complies with subpoenas issued April 21.

The hold-up centers on True the Vote’s concerns about the safety of their informant, the organizer’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, told The Epoch Times. Germany acknowledged that those are “genuine concerns.”

The informant, known as John Doe in the True the Vote complaint to the state, provided details about election fraud that sparked the organization’s investigation, Engelbrecht said. Revealing his identity could put him in grave danger, she said.

More than anything, Engelbrecht wants the information her organization uncovered to be thoroughly investigated, she said. And she’ll gladly turn over all the information used in the analysis after her informant’s safety can be guaranteed, she said.

Engelbrecht appears in the documentary. The film alleges that illegal ballot trafficking took place on a scale significant enough to have flipped the 2020 elections.

By Nanette Holt

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