A Happy Development? Perhaps We’re Not As Far Apart As We Thought

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Browsing through my Truth Social feed today, I came across an article from Gateway Pundit that actually brought a smile to my face.

Like many Americans, I believe we have no business meddling in the war in the Ukraine. I believe the Ukraine is a corrupt regime that the Uniparty (and the Biden family) are using to launder American tax dollars. I believe that that the Russian side of this story (and yes, there is one) is not being told by the American (and much of the world) media so the American people who are blindly putting Ukrainian flags on their social media profiles are actually only getting one side of the story.

The article describes in wonderous detail how Americans from of all political stripes have come together to protest and stop the war in the Ukraine. I found the unity glorious. Heart warming. Some of the demand of the group are going to meet some stiff resistance but I don’t disagree with any of them, frankly. Because our government at all levels has become corrupt. How else could one explain the Uniparty’s maniacal drive to continuously escalate a war with Russian in which we have no national interest?

Here’s just small sample:

4- Disband NATO
NATO expansion to Russia’s border provoked the war in Ukraine. NATO is a warmongering relic of the Cold War. Disband it like the Warsaw Pact. The war is accelerating inflation and increasing food, gas, and energy prices. The US blew up Russian gas pipelines to Europe, starving them of energy and deindustrializing their countries. End the war and stop increasing prices.

(RWR Author’s Comment): NATO encroachment and the revelation about the Biden Administration’s involvement in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline have been largely or completely ignored by the media. Seymour Hersh’s article on Nord Stream Sabotage – see here.

6- Slash the Pentagon Budget 
Half of the federal discretionary budget goes to Pentagon. The military budget is $857 billion per year, and the Pentagon just failed its fifth straight audit. The Pentagon can only account for 39 percent of its $3.5 trillion in assets. Cut the military budget in half and return those funds to the American people.

(RWR Author’s Comment): The old Leftist trope about social spending vs. military spend to be sure. But the point about the Pentagon failing their fifth straight audit when troops on the ground lack some of the basic necessities is a completely valid one. I served for almost thirteen years as a commissioned officer lest anyone think me a dove. I support the military, but what Eisenhower called ‘the military industrial complex’ is in collusion with the Uniparty war hawks as far as I’m concerned.

9- Restore Civil Liberties
Restore the constitutional liberties taken from us in the name of war and empire, including freedom of speech, the press, and assembly. End mass surveillance, repeal the Patriot Act, and restore the right to privacy and habeas corpus.

(RWR Author’s Comment): We own this as Americans. Way too many people threw their civil liberties to the four winds for a contrived crisis about a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. We ceded that ground to a corrupt government.

Finally, as if one needed an illustration of how polarized we’ve become, there is detail about how There were MAGA hat wearers, conservatives, die-hard libertarians, members of the Green Party, progressives, and Democrats all demanding “Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine.” Why would this be so unusual? Because the Uniparty has told us to hate each other.

Perhaps we’re not as far apart as we thought.

By Sgt. Rock

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