‘A Learning Experience’: Video Shows Black Elementary Students Attacking White Students, Forcing Them to Say ‘Black Lives Matter’

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‘This has been blown completely and totally out of proportion,’ local NAACP president says

Surveillance video of an incident that occurred on Feb. 10 shows a number of black students at Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, physically attacking white students and reportedly forcing them to say “black lives matter.”

Police were not called to the school about the incident until Monday, Feb. 13.

The video of the assault, which took place during recess, begins with a much bigger black student forcibly escorting a smaller white student across the pavement of an outdoor basketball area. At one point, the bigger student smacks the smaller student in the head. Another black student joins them, grabbing the white student’s other arm to help the bigger student take the struggling victim to an area of cement where there are two sets of swings. According to reports, the video was blurred to protect the identities of the minors involved.

A third black student charges in, knocking the white student to the ground. The third black student bends over the white student, repeatedly punching them in the head before standing up and walking away. The white student is then hauled up from the ground by three black students. Staggering and dazed, the white student is manhandled briefly before being forced to kneel on the cement. At one point, the stunned white student falls over onto the cement, only to be physically lifted back up onto their knees. According to police reports, the student was forced to say “black lives matter.”

A second white student approaches, seeming to try to come to the other white student’s aid. But the second white student is confronted by the black students and is also instructed to kneel on the ground. As four black students stand over them, reports say they demanded both white students say “black lives matter” while the black students filmed them obeying. At one point, the five black students in the video can be seen excitedly jumping up and down as if celebrating.

A third white student, wearing a red hoodie, is made to kneel on the sidewalk with the other two. In the meantime, the first white student, who had been punched in the head, appears to be repeatedly shoved and knocked around by two of the black students.

By Patricia Tolson

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