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Absolute Truth: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Mike Lindell: Hello everyone. This is Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow. As you all know, I have been attacked the last month, relentlessly, on social media, by newspapers, by TV shows, by you name it, I’ve been attacked. Not just myself but my company. The boycotts that are going on, box stores are dropping me, social media, they canceled my Twitter. Today they canceled My Pillows Twitter account, my companies Twitter account.

Well, before I was going to get a erased completely, we put together this show and what you’re going to see today is what they don’t want you to see, why they’re trying to erase me, and what I told everyone out there is you know what, I seen evidence. I’ve been trying since November 4th to prove, you know, to show what’s out there. Why are there these deviations that happened on election night. None of it made any sense. So I dove in with everything I had, resources, any time I heard something that maybe was relevant I went and, you know, looked into it. I did my own due diligence had even my own investigations. Well then one day, I think it was like January 9th, all of a sudden these people, they brought me some a, a piece of evidence it’s 100% proof. It’s like a a print of a inside the machine of the timestamp that showed another country, other countries, attacking us, hacking into our election through these machines and it shows the votes flipped and I’m going wow, I got to get this out there, and from that point on I started putting it out there and that, that’s when they just started attacking me. Well, their obviously hiding something and tonight you’re going to see what they’re hiding. You’re going to see on this show, we have we’re going to have cyber forensic experts, we’re going to have one hundred percent, you’re going to see all this evidence, that by the time you’re done weeing it you’re going to go wow! 100% it proves exactly what happened, that these machines were used to steal our election by other countries including China.

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