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Alliance for Free Citizens is an education and grassroots advocacy organization committed to local and state-based solutions that strengthen individual liberties, communities, families, and shared patriotic values for our nation.

Working with a broad coalition of everyday Americans across a number of states, we champion local participation, creative local and state legislation that equips states to address some of the most pressing policy issues.

For too long we have supported mostly state wide and national candidates, who promised to “take back our government,” “create accountability,” “drain the swamp,” et cetera. Decades of experience tells us that unless we participate and fully engage, demanding accountability of our local politicians and political organizations, nothing will change. It is up to us!

The Committee for Free Citizens is pursuing a three-pronged approach:

First – We must all Participate in our local government. If we are not willing to work to change the corruption and dysfunction at home, how can we expect the politicos farther away in the state house and Washington, D.C. to do anything for our good?

Our precious children are our future. We must immediately start to attend and participate in school board meeting to demand proper education and the elimination of destructive policies like Critical Race Theory, its ugly cousins, and policies like transgender participation in girls’ sports.

We must fully engage in our local political agencies: Across America, the county Republican Executive Committees, the Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen positions are only half full. It is time for our patriots to fill these positions.

It is important to support competent and honest patriots as candidates for local offices.

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Second – The Committee for Free Citizens has created model legislation to support state legislators who are working to improve the state laws for legislating laws to promote election integrity, protecting our workers, and citizens from lockdown and vaccine tyranny.

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Third – The dramatically increased flood of illegal immigration is causing great hardship for our local and state law enforcement and other government services. The federal government is NOT going to provide any relief, so as our nation’s founding fathers provided, the local and state governments will have to take the lead in defending our citizens and county. They will have to address the problem by enforcing state law and litigating to prevent the illegal actions of the federal government.

We must demand local accountability at all levels of the political spectrum.

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Alliance for Free Citizens is a 501(c)(4) organization.

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