America can’t survive another three years of Joe Biden

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The next presidential election isn’t until 2024. The next president won’t take the inaugural oath until 2025. That’s a long time for the current White House to run its unconstitutional course.

America, under Joe Biden, won’t survive the next three years. 

By the time 2024 rolls around, this country will be so different from what Founding Fathers envisioned — from what the framers of the Constitution gifted — that even the proverbial point of no return will be a distant memory.

God-given rights? What are they?

“Today,” the White House wrote on its website, in early November, “the Biden Administration is announcing the details of two policies to fight COVID-19 that will drive even more progress and result in millions of Americans getting vaccinated, protecting workers, preventing hospitalization, saving lives, and strengthening the economy.”

Sounds delicious. ’Til you take a bite. That was the White House’s way of announcing two mandates to force experimental vaccines into the arms of millions of American citizens — the first, via the Labor Department; the second, via Health and Human Services.

Thing is, there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that gives the executive the right to use its various Cabinets to circumvent the legislative branch. That is to say: If King Biden’s will is to force free citizens to take a vaccine that’s not yet been tested over the long term — making it experimental — and that’s of a type, mRNA, never before used in humans — making it again, hmm, what’s the word, oh wait, that’s right, experimental — then King Biden, according to constitutional constraints, would have to tap his friends in Congress to create a bill, to pass a bill, to bring a bill to his White House desk to sign into law.

School House Rock, anyone? “How a Bill Becomes a Law: Constitution 101,” anyone?

But Biden, like his Democrat predecessor, Barack Obama, would rather the pen-and-cell phone approach to governing. After all, why waste time with legislators when dictatorial rule is so much speedier? Besides, why put legislators on the chopping block with…

By Cheryl K. Chumle

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