‘America First’ Leader Alex Bruesewitz’s Response To January 6 Committee Leads To Evidence Of Revenge

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Democrats are coming under increasing scrutiny for using the US House as a political machine to protect their friends and associates who will not threaten to return the US government to the people of the United States- in a massive and powerful “America First” agenda.

Alex Bruesewitz the CEO of XStrats.com, posted about his reply to emails from the January 6th Committee – which is dominated by far radical leftists and two radical Never Trumpers:

“The @January6thCmte has emailed me twice in 24 Hrs I don’t recognize it as a legitimate or constitutional committee, therefore I have no interest in entertaining them Though it would be fun to see@AdamKinzinger cry in person My full response is below: PS who hired Ray Epps?” Bruesewitz posted along with his response to their inquiry.

In the response, Bruesewitz wrote that he did not feel the need to respond directly to the email but would make a public comment about the committee anyway.  He told them that their political activity against him “reeks of retaliation”, and it looks to me like he is right.

Political America First Strategist

Brueswitz’s group:

Brueswitz is the founder of an active LLC called X Strategies. According to the group’s website:

“We are a team of highly skilled political consultants and digital marketers. Our unique combination of experienced consultants that understand how Washington works and younger consultants that understand social media and political advertising better than anyone in the industry gives you the best chance to succeed in today’s political climate.

Bruesewitz bio at the website is:

“Alexander Bruesewitz is a co-founder and CEO of X Strategies and leads our communications team. Alex and the team develop unique individualized PR and communication strategies for companies, public figures, nonprofits, campaigns and so many other unique clients.”

Considering his line of work and his support of President Donald J. Trump and other “America First” supporters of Trump’s, it is suspicious as to why the US House Jan 6th Committee is pursuing him, and if the reason could be because he is their political opponent.

By Kari Donovan

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