American People Being Lied To By A Misuse Of Statistics

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Naomi Wolf talks about the manipulation of people around the world to convince them to accept the loss of their civil liberties.

“The American people and people around the world have really been lied to by a shocking misuse and abuse of statistics…. First of all history. The United States has been through wave and after wave, and so has Britain and Western Europe — cholera, typhus, smallpox, HIV, horrible crises without ever stripping people of civil liberties in this way…. Nothing in our history … says you have to lock people down because there is a bad disease. The second thing I want to say is I’ve looked closely at the way the mainstream media uses and abuses the data… It’s shocking reliance on people’s innumeracy and shocking manipulation of the population. … These Covid databases… you can set those to count in any way you want, and no one is allowed to see the raw data sets, so those are completely unverifiable.”

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