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In the midst of an 8,000-mile car trip around the formerly United—and now fractured—States of America, I arrived in Southern California a couple of weeks ago, just in time to fall victim to an indoor mask mandate jackbooted by Los Angeles County in the interests of leftist conformity, virtue signaling, and general fascist stupidity.

From New England, where my journey started, to central Florida and back again, thence from the Northeast to the Golden State by way of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, my drive was almost entirely mask-free, except for the occasional “Karen” sightings, sporting their slave muzzles as badges of submissive honor. It wasn’t until I got to Gallup, New Mexico, that masks and their ugly companions, closed restaurants taped up like crime scenes, became evident.

And then I got to Los Angeles—and once again, here in sunny SoCal, I got a glimpse into America’s future, unless we finally put an emphatic stop to this unconstitutional and irrational madness. To put it in terms that even an Antifa progressive can understand, and which conservatives need to adopt, we need to start resisting by any means necessary.

The collapse of personal autonomy and individual agency in the face of an onslaught of punitive, soul-corroding COVID-19 restrictions has been perhaps the most frightening and depressing development in modern American history. Given its minuscule—barely a blip above normal—death toll, COVID-19 is as close to a hoax as can be imagined. Advertised relentlessly as the second coming of the Black Death, it is instead the New Coke of viral diseases.

The damage it has done, however, is still considerable—not to the nation’s health but to its economy and, more important, to its psyche. Our country of yeoman farmers began disappearing into urbanism in the aftermath of the Civil War, but it was not until the twin catastrophes of World Wars I and II that authoritarian collectivism began to supplant personal initiative and liberty.

The postwar injection of Marxist poison by the red-diaper scholars of the Frankfurt School into our educational system is now serving to finish the transformation of our country into a third-rate, 1930s socialist fantasy.

By Michael Walsh

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