America’s soft revolution away from everything that’s made us great

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An alarming new poll shows America’s having its own version of a Soviet revolution.

Russian revolutionary murderer Vladimir Lenin proclaimed, “Morality is entirely subordinate to the interests of class war. Everything is moral that is necessary for the annihilation of the old exploiting social order and for uniting the proletariat.”

As Lenin contrived his own morality, he and his ideological compatriots annihilated what they perceived as antiquated, dangerous vestiges of human civilization.

Their blind zealotry emboldened them to commit mass murder through dehumanizing people who claimed traditional values.

Unfortunately, his American intellectual heirs are gaining ground in their desire to similarly dismantle what made America exceptional for centuries: public virtue, hard work, strong families and civic engagement.

Our core values are crumbling like never before, though America’s revolution is happening largely through internal decay rather than violent coup.

Americans today — especially young people — believe patriotism, working hard, building a family and community involvement are far less important than in eras past, a Wall Street Journal and University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center poll just found.

Some 38% of respondents said patriotism is very important to them; that’s a steep drop from the 70% who said so when the Journal first asked the question in 1998.

Tolerance for others was “very important” for 80% of Americans as recently as four years ago; that’s fallen to 58%.

Only 23% of adults under age 30 said that having children is very important.

Bill McInturff, a pollster who administered a previous version of this survey, said that “these differences are so dramatic, it paints a new and surprising portrait of a changing America,” adding, “the lowest economic confidence in decades is having a startling effect on our core values.’’

The Soviets imposed economic central planning rather than embracing the God-given liberty of free economic exchange and private property that unleashed astonishing wealth for everyday people in America and elsewhere. 

By Carrie Sheffield

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