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There may not be a way to better illustrate the great dilemma of our time than the situation at hand. The urgency intensifies to wrap our minds around major societal questions and dichotomies continue to erect all around us. Religion or Science? Earth or Space? Human or Artificial? Capitalism or Communism? Gas or Electric? Privacy or Surveillance? Physical or Remote? Male or Female? Vaccinated or Unvaccinated? Maybe these questions have been overcomplicated. Used as a way to steer us from the simplicity of life. Not simple as in, life never gets complex — but more that when we are faced with complexity, fundamental philosophies and values yield resolution. As far as humanity has come, or believes we have come, the question each of us still must answer is one of good and evil. But what is goodness? How do we find it? How do we measure it? This is a matter of morality. Each of us is unique and has a different journey, so our morality has a certain degree of relativity. A degree not to be mistaken for the endless relativism that plagues the thought of post-modern ideologues. In a world where God has graced us with an infinite imagination, there is one idea that can always anchor us in moral goodness; self-sacrifice.

Of course this is the Jesus Christ model and I’m a God fearing Christian. It’s also the model of many other leaders in history we show reverence. The idea of self-sacrifice is not some delusion of grandeur. It is only in the manmade silos of sin, the application of this basic moral virtue feels somewhat impossible. This is what I’m here to address with you. If we want to have discussion, or many discussions, let’s not shy away from the ones with real depth. When we shy away from these in-depth discussions, we already set the stage for betrayal of ourselves, others and God.

This morning I woke up to a barrage of messages. Most of them containing the same video of you again criticizing Kyrie Irving in his battle with the Brooklyn Nets and NBA, over vaccine compliance. Your latest comment comes a day after I recently published my open letter to Kyrie Irving, expressing my support and imploring him to “hold the line”. In it I highlighted how this vaccine compliance is another product of a pandemic that has been hyper politicized. Where there is a trail of corruption far and wide. I’ve watched you criticize athletes in favor of the establishment before and I’m sure there’s also been times that you’ve defended them. Actually I’ll be referencing one of those instances later on. However, during this particular segment you asked a question that I think strikes at the heart of many problems in our society.

By Royce White

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