Another NYC election fiasco “proves” Trump’s Mail In Ballot concerns are correct

Voting in New York City
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According to Politico, Democrats and published media reports have widely disputed Trump’s assertions about Mail In Ballot issues and officials have promised a valid voting process, despite the unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic.

However, President Donald Trump has made claims that there will be voter mismanagement and fraud.

New York City helped to prove Trump’s charges by mailing some 100,000 ballots with bad addresses, erroneously marked return envelopes and more to voters in Brooklyn.

Trump Tweeted about the event:

“Wow! 100,000 Mail In Ballots in New York City a total MESS. Mayor and Governor have no idea what to do,” the president tweeted. “Big Fraud, Unfixable! Cancel Ballots and go out and VOTE, just like in past decades, when there were no problems!”

Others have followed suit in commenting on the issue.

“Time and time again, they single-handedly make the GOP’s case that mailed ballots are prone to errors and abuse, or that voter rolls are being purged, or that absentee ballots are sent in error,” City Council Member Joe Borelli said in a statement to POLITICO. “Some junior producers at Fox should send over pizzas for making their jobs so easy.”

A Brooklyn resident, Dean Kevlin, received a faulty ballot over the weekend and he agreed that Mail In Ballots have issues.

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