Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

Courts in America are NOW Beginning to Look at the Evidence of Election Fraud!

In a world of change,
the learners shall inherit the earth,
while the learned shall find themselves
perfectly suited for a world
that no longer exists.”
~ Eric Hoffer

Watch Citizen Journalism Network’s documentary, Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags, the true history of the extremist, anti-government group and it’s century of violence.

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags is based on real events.

Watch Full Documentary Above and Below

If the full documentary above is removed from YouTube you can still watch it below. This Documentary has been removed from all social media numerous times.

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

Citizen Journalism Network Presents Antifa: Rise Of The Black Flags
David Lugo – Director
Steve O’Rourke – Producer
Raheem Kassam – Associate Producer
Matt Schwartz – Cinematography
Jon Du Toit – Editor

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