Are We All Living in a Dystopian Milgram Experiment?

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Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in the sixties conducted a series of notable social psychology experiments to measure and identify degrees of obedience to authority figures. The experiment found that most people are willing to obey authority figures over their personal objections.

Will people do anything if ordered to do so by perceived authority? The issue of conformity and groupthink is enhanced in totalitarian regimes by adding the layer of Charismatic leaders, “experts say”, propaganda, and censorship.

Western Civilization, and in particular the United States citizenry are on autopilot responding to shocks very much like Milgram’s experiment. Every aspect of our lives now is navigated with pressures from narratives and compliance. And everything connects back to puppeteers pulling strings. Take a listen to the case being laid out culminating in a discussion about Covid and authoritarian government edicts:

Are We All Living in a Dystopian Milgram Experiment?

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By Bekah Lyons

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